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A 386. You could tell it to beep with a single line of code in QBasic and that's the sole reason I'm a developer today XD.


It was a Toshiba Satellite running on Windows Vista (if i remember, it had decent specs though). It was a 'family' laptop, so usually I couldn't use it as much and wouldn't call it 'mine', but it was the first computer I've ever used.


Friend with heart called Z80A, which ran at 3.5 Mhz, and had whooping 48 kB of memory.
My friend was brainchild of one of wizards from that time period, one who came from island... far, far away. Children whispered his name those days... Sir.. Sir Clive Sinclair.

Friends don't let friends down. He is still with me.
My ZX Spectrum. :-D

ZX Spectrum


First program written was in Basic on a Commodore PET belonging to instructor of a class offered by the Farmington Community Center, year was 1980, I was 15. Don't remember what the first program was, but programming exercises for the class were typically 10-20 line ditties for using a for loop to do some kind of summation or something.

First program I wrote on hardware I owned was on a TI-55-III programmable calculator, 1982 or 1983, time-in and time-out (in h, m, s) as input data and hours elapsed (in decimal, there's a "DMS-DD" key). Assumption was that time-in was AM and time-out PM if the latter was "lower" than the former. The calculator was "programmable" in the sense of running a sequence of keystrokes as a program. I used its "signum" function to sort of "emulate" a conditional branch, therefore I feel kind of justified counting it as programming.

First actual computer I owned was an Atari 400, obtained in 1983. Programmed mostly in Atari BASIC, w. some PILOT, assembly, Pascal, and "Inter Lisp 65". Wrote bignum +-*/ operations on string representations, arbitrary base conversions on same, lots of number theory exploration. Wrote a Russian-English vocabulary random flash card game (character pixel maps are rewritable). Can't remember what all else I wrote, thing was basically a plaything to me.


First that I touched: school TRS-80, BASIC, programs on cassette.
First for the family, a gift from my father: TI 38, learned to solder fixing that DIN connector.
Mom broke both joysticks playing Munch-Man


Lol some of you all have awesome memories lol I can't remember what build I had, but it had Windows 98 & right after is when Windows 2000 came out & I upgraded. I had been on machines before that, but not since the old ones with floppy drives in grade school in the 80's where every other Friday my class got to go to a broom closet and 6 (class of 30 kids) people at a time got to go in for 15 minutes and try and play Oregon Trails or Carmen San Diego while the rest got to sit out in the hallway quietly for hours. Our schools didn't get real computer labs until just a few years ago.


Details Specs

P1 200Mhz MMX
64 mb RAM
4GB Hardware
Windows 98, I upgraded to Windows ME


Had a similar PC back in the day, but I started with a 486 DX40Mhz with 8MB Ram and 200Mbyte disk. That was my first PC


Man. That comment brings me back.

Mine was the ZX Spectrum +. My parents actually bought it for my brother, who was a 9 year old budding programmer at the time (I was 4).

I still remember very fondly playing games with an attached tape recorder. The expectation during those long loading screens...


Very first (around 1990) : PCW 8256, learn some "basic" programmation language there.
Later (as student) (around 1997) : a generic 386 SX 40, so powerfull :p It supported my first linux install (Slackware, if my memory is right) which, at this time, was not easy at all !


Some Pentium 4 Compaq running Windows 98 with a really annoying high pitched fan running in it 😅


A Timex Sinclair 1000 in 1979. It didn't do a lot, but it got me going. Probably just a year later, we bought an Atari 600.


A Intel Desktop with Windows XP and 1 GB DDR2 RAM.


Technically it was a Tandy Color Computer 2.
But the second was the one I started really using heavily: Packard Bell 486-SX with 4MB of RAM.


It was dell pentium 4 CPU with 256mb ram and 20gb hdd. And believe me or not I bought it for GTA Vice City.


My first “hello world” like program was on my C16 (commodore)


TI-99/4A, my parents got it for me for $50 approximately 10-12 years after it was discontinued.


8086XT, dual floppy, compact with flip-down keyboard, 80 lines of greenscreen beauty. Later on, I upgraded to a 20 meg MFM hard drive :)


That I used, BBC B from Acorn. That we owned at home, Acorn A310. But how we got that computer is a whole other story. ;)


Zenith P4 - used to spend a lot of time on!


Compaq i486 with Windows 3.1. RePC was a good place to find hardware upgrades.


A Amstrad cpc 464, with a monitor and a tape loader/recorder. 64 ko of Ram! A Real beast ...


Intel pentium 4, some radeon graphic card 256mb, 2GB RAM, win xp.


Not sure exactly what would count but definitely the Apple II/c would be one of my first development platform, alongside with qbasic


My first first owned computer not shared with anyone was HP

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