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Flutter Builds in the Cloud. is an online IDE for Flutter. And probably this is the fastest way to play with your first Flutter projects. FlutLab main idea is to provide an alternative to local installations of Android/IOS/Flutter SDK’s as well as Code Editors. In the tool-chain of, developers can host their projects, collaborate, and do various builds. FlutLab builds are in the focus of this article.

How it looks like

The first thing you want to do with some fantastic examples of Flutter code is to build and run it.
Let’s visit and register a free account. You should see some opened project like this:

Alt Text

To see how this code behaves, you can click at the “Build project” button: Alt Text

Immediately you can see this build in the progress:
Alt Text

Which will lead to success or failure. And the first (success) option looks like this:
Alt Text

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Akashnani-star • Edited on

How To Integrate Firebase with flutlab ??

Basically Firebase project asking the Debug Signing certificate SHA 1

To get that certificate google firebase documents says execute the following command

keytool -list -v \
-alias androiddebugkey -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore

Finally My Question is
How to execute these commands in