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My 3 year anniversary blogging at - A reflection

It has been 3 years since I started blogging at I want to take this time to review the 3 years I spent with the DEV community. This is a small reflection of what I did over the last 3 years.

The beginning

I decided to start blogging before my senior year in college. I wanted to share what I learned. During the pandemic I needed an outlet to share my stories. Blogging did help me in getting my first software developer job out of college.

I enjoyed writing and sharing content. It would be best for me to continue writing.

Posts overview

Over the last 3 years I wrote various articles on my
My top 3 highest viewed posts were:

  • Quick guide to create a custom ChatterBot corpus - I created a chatbot project in college years ago,before ChatGPT. It was my first project using python and used the Chatterbot library. I was surprised how many views it received.
  • Writing a story for a visual novel - I prefer developing visual novels and I use the open source game engine Ren'Py. I still have some good story ideas in the future.
  • Creating a remix using Tone.js - This post got me featured on official Dev Community twitter. I wanted to learn how to create music using code. I found Tone.js, a JavaScript library that allows you to play music notes. I used to be a musician and that gravitated me towards Tone.js.

I'm happy to write my articles on and interact and help out other developers. Even though the last few months were difficult for me finding my place as a software developer.

What's next

I have decided to go with the next steps pursing and developing my career. I have plans to start a new personal blog to write my personal experiences in the next few weeks. I'm focusing on my re-branding and building my skills.

I recently left my previous job and this is a good time to focus on my professional career. I decided to continue pursing personal projects and becoming more focused on open source contributions. I wanted my work to make an impact.

I'm have gained so many skills and continuing to learn new ones.I'm taking charge of my own career again.

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Thomas Bnt ☕

Congrats for these 3 y! 🎉🎉