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✨Hacktoberfest23 Gangs! ✨

Having been a silent part of DEV Community puts me in same level with new joiners but i believe i'll be turning a new leave now. This is also not my first in hearing about Hacktoberfest but like always, it's my REAL first😇👏. I am giving myself a pat at the back for waking up when it's not late yet💪.

Although i have a general knowledge of Hacktoberfest, i am an absolute Brand New🤝. I am a junior frontend developer and also walking the Data Science path with AltSchool Africa. My aim is to be a data-driven Software Engineer👩‍💻.

I am still on the level of Contributor. I can't forget the joy i had on the merge of my first pull request. Although i went off for a while due to lot's of constraints, i am back. My goal is to move from Hacktoberfest to github star🤩.

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