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Top 10 Landing page Webflow template 2021

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When it comes to creating a website, we often use different tools: one for graphics design, visual design another for prototyping and coding. Webflow simplifies the process of web design by enabling you to design and development at the same time.

What is a Webflow?

Webflow is an in-browser design tool that gives you the power to design, build and launch a responsive website visually. It is a web designing tool, CMS, and hosting platform. Each aspect of the platform is represented by a particular product.

How Webflow is different from others:

  • The visual design and code are not separated
  • It allows you to reuse CSS classes
  • It is a platform that provides a hosting solution

Advantage of Webflow

  • Lots of feature includes such as website builder, templates, CMS, E-commerce, and marketing tools
  • Design tools are very powerful
  • Wide range of plans
  • Secure hosting
  • Easy to use
  • Great performance
  • Excellent customer support

Disadvantage of Webflow

  • Limitation of code customization
  • Confusing plan variation
  • More learning curve
  • Traffic limits on some plan

When you want to create a website or landing page using Webflow there are a plethora of choices. We make your work easy by choosing the best Webflow template. Each of these templates can work as a strong base for your next project.

Reflex – Portfolio website template

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A versatile one-page template is a perfect choice for the freelancer to agency and company. Reflex is a great start to showcase your work with a slick premium touch. Smooth interactions and modern effects all across the page will make your website really stand out. Draft with a surprising hamburger menu, stylish sliders, and a trendy gallery, this template includes everything you need for a highly professional result. It’s fully responsive making sure your design appears flawlessly on all devices and platforms.


  • Fully responsive and work perfectly on all screen size and device.
  • It comes with awesome animations and interactions for a step further usability.
  • The elements of the contact form is perfectly styled and very easy to customize it.
  • The code is well written using the best resources available and also all the files are well commented to make your work much easier.
  • This template supports all the major browsers including IE11+, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Foliospec – Portfolio website template

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FolioSpec is an elegant and minimal CMS portfolio template for any creative looking to showcase their work. It comes with light & dark modes, an interactive mouse, sleek animations & interactions.


  • Provide smooth animation gives a more pleasurable experience to the user.
  • FolioSpec is customized so that mobile users can also get the best experience.
  • It comes with a contact form that perfectly styled and very easy to customize.
  • You can easily change the style of base elements like buttons, headers, and paragraphs from the Style Guide page. -It comes with 100% customization.

Byra – Agency website template

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Byrå Webflow template is highly suitable for creating websites for creative portfolio, agency, photographer, and photo studio. Perfect for creators in both the digital and physical spaces with Portfolio and team sections.


  • Byrå is a fully responsive template and works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.
  • It comes with awesome animations and interactions for a step further usability.
  • The elements of the contact form are perfectly styled and very easy to customize.
  • The code is well written using the best resources available and also all the files are well commented to make your work much easier.
  • It uses fonts from google’s web font collection.

Beacon – Agency website template

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Beacon comes with a modern and elegant design. A great fit for creative freelancers, designers, and design agencies, Beacon elevates your portfolio with a distinct, polished touch. Use Beacon to promote your design agency or other professional services business.


  • It comes with awesome animations and interactions for a step further usability.
  • Showcase your best work in fine style with dedicated pages to display your completed projects in their best light. Easily update and edit projects with the power of Webflow CMS.
  • Change your color scheme easily with Webflow color swatches
  • Google map integration
  • Search modal and navigation bar

Portfolios – Portfolio website template

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Portfolios is a portfolio template created for Designers. It features 6 different homepage layouts, 3 work showcase pages, 3 about pages, 3 service pages, 3 blog pages, 3 contact pages, and an ecommerce section. This template created with global swatches, so you can change the whole color theme with just a couple of clicks.


  • It is fully responsive and fits well with all screen sizes.
  • You have the option to select between two different types of the header such as fixed and e-commerce
  • The symbol for commonly used elements and sections.
  • Provide clean and minimal coding
  • Dedicated support system

Aurora – App website template

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Aurora is a creative template designed for SaaS companies, startups, and mobile apps. It contains a collection of different homepages for mobile and desktop applications, pricing pages, Q&A pages, testimonials, and more. It also utilizes Webflow CMS, for all your blogging and content marketing needs.


  • Unique and smooth transition
  • You have multiple designs for most of the features that mean you can customize
  • It is fully responsive and fits well with all screen sizes.
  • Display 3D graphics elegantly on every design.
  • Customize the built-in database for your project or just add new content.

Creator – Portfolio website template

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The creator template is simply the best portfolio template available for modern creators that want to display their work, achievements, and personal background with ease. Modern and minimal, the template sets a canvas that truly highlights your talent and makes it easy to update and customize.


  • Comes with a clean and minimal design
  • Reusable section and components
  • Fully responsive and retina ready
  • SEO Optimized
  • Great performance

Panels – Creative website template

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Panels is a multipurpose grid-based website template. It’s perfect for startups or small businesses looking to move online. Create beautiful designs with over 75 pre-built panels, or easily craft your own using Panels’ amazing modular panel structure.


  • A unique panel-based template for startups
  • A true UI kit built for flexibility
  • Styled forms for newsletter subscriptions and contact information
  • Responsive layouts, tailored perfectly for all devices
  • Global swatches for an easy color scheme and gradient management

Agencieos – Agency website template

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Agencieos is one of the most powerful multipurpose templates in our entire marketplace. Agencieos is perfect for showcasing your work and personality without disturbing the user experience. Check out all of the homepage and landing page layouts on offer in the Designer The typography and fonts that are offered by Agencieos really put it leaps ahead of other templates.


  • 5 demo layout for an agency, studio, and freelancer
  • Static and fixed navigation
  • Working newsletter forms
  • Fully responsive
  • Clean code

Callisto – Consulting website template

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Callisto Webflow template is highly suitable for creating websites for consulting companies, financial enterprises, investment businesses, and agencies. Includes collections 3 pre-made Home Demos, Services, Blog, About, Contacts, and Get Started page.


  • With Webflow color swatches
  • Smooth animation
  • Fully responsive
  • Comes with animations and interactions for additional polish and usability.
  • Uses fonts from Google's Web Font collection.


Above mentation, all the templates are highly customized and responsive which are perfectly suited for any kind of project requirement.

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