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Benefits of Bootstrap framework with it's example

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What is bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a front end framework that is used to creating dynamic and responsive web applications. It is one of the most popular frameworks among the designer community.
Bootstrap consists of an HTML and CSS based structure design template for easy web development interface. By updating the CSS, you can adapt the modern trends quickly and creating a stunning website.

Why the bootstrap framework is important

There is a diverse reason to use bootstrap. The main reason is intuitive design.

  • Prevent useless repetitions
  • Adapt different requirements without making a drastic change
  • Consistent with your code
  • Prototype new design quick and easy
  • Cross-browser independency

Responsive grid

Instead of spending hours in your own grid bootstrap comes with its own pre-defined grid system. So, you can directly use the grid to fill the container with content.
Using bootstrap you can also define custom breakpoint for each column and determine how big they want to be or be as usual both simple and faster with the grid.

Image resize

Image is the most important, but resize an image is a time-consuming process. You need to reduce the load time and large images slow down a site.
Luckily, bootstrap has an auto-resizing feature. It is automatically resized an image, using pre-defined CSS rules and adding a new class to the image.

Bootstrap layout

Container: containers are the most basic layout element in bootstrap. They required when you use a grid system.

The container can be nested; most of the layout does not require a nested container.

  • Bootstrap default layout
  • Bootstrap fluid layout
  • Bootstrap responsive layout

Bootstrap components

Bootstrap allows you to customized themes or designs. To understand how it is a wok, we need to know about basic component:
Bootstrap has many pre-built components:

  • Alert
  • Navigation bar
  • Dropdowns
  • Badges and breadcrumbs
  • Display and embedded
  • Spinner and more Bootstrap components rendered with the predefined CSS file and JS file.

1) CSS file

A CSS file is collection of HTML element. It is used to format the content of a web page. It contains multiple classes for design HTML items such as image, text, table, form, etc.
A CSS file loads quickly and helps you to create a responsive website. The components are used frequently. Some of the important expansion of elements such as grouping, navigation menu, progress bar.

2) JS file

A JS file contains JavaScript code that used to execute JS instruction on a webpage. JS library allows creating an enriching interface along with dynamic elements. It includes various functions such as open/close window, validation field, rollover image, drop-down menu, etc.
Bootstrap utility

The bootstrap has various utility features.

  • Border
  • Close icon
  • Display
  • Embed
  • Flex and Float

Advantage of bootstrap

  • The framework has a pre-defined theme so you don’t need to create a website from scratch.
  • You don’t need to tweak code for every browser because it comes with cross-browser functionality.
  • Bootstrap handle UI design page
  • Synergy is maintained on all website on and web application

Skilled required for bootstrap

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Experienced in a backend developer
  • Understanding of basic MVC backend
  • Basic knowledge of web application and design concept
  • Knowledge of library such as jQuery

The benefit of using bootstrap

1) Easy to use

Bootstrap is extremely easy to use. It is very responsive and speeds up the process. You can simply be integrated with CSS, LESS, or SaaS.

2) Responsive

The responsive website is compulsory and important too. As fluid grid layout amends to appreciate screen resolution. It is compatible with all major browsers and the design is retina ready.

3) Speed of development

One of the main benefits of using bootstrap is a speedy development while you want to create a new website, you don’t need to create it from scratch, you can use ready to use template and library.

4) Customizable

Users can customize the website as per the customer requirements. You just select the common aspect that does not require such as common CSS includes typography, pages, label input group, etc. JS includes a dropdown list, popover, models, and tooltip. And utility includes responsive, basic.

5) Consistency

Bootstrap is a framework for boosting consistency across the interior tool. The bootstrap was enlarged with one core concept paring of designer along with the developer.

6) Support

Bootstrap has large community access whenever the developer faces the problem they will get a solution as soon as possible. Illustrated is whenever a problem arises asked it on Github and you will get a solution.

7) Packed JS component

Bootstrap approach with a pack of JavaScript components including the functionality that craft for simple operation and fast loading.

8) Integration

Bootstrap is simply integrated with a distinct other platform and framework such as social media platforms (Face book, twitter0 and E-commerce platform (woo-commerce).

9) Pre-built theme

There are various pre-built themes/templates available in the market. You do not have to start from scratch. Pick up a theme according to your requirements. It helps you to save the cost and time of developing.

10) Pre-style components

It approaches pre style components for alert, dropdown, navigation bar, etc.

To speed up your development process we recommended one of the best templates for your website.

1) Able pro admin template

Able Pro Admin Template

Able Pro is a flexible bootstrap 4 admin template with a flexible and responsive layout. It is fully responsive and maintains high performance. Able pro comes with a light and dark theme. It gives you the ultimate creativity option developer customize according to project needs.

2) Data able bootstrap admin template

Datta Able Admin

Data Able is a simple and elegant bootstrap admin template. It comes with a minimal design and coding. Its eye-catching layout provides 30+ color variations and if the user can customize color with a single change of SCSS file. The best feature is it comes with a video tutorial that solves every problem regarding installation.

3) Gradient able bootstrap admin template

Gradient Able

Gradient Able is a built using bootstrap 4 beta frameworks. You can say that it is a featured rich admin template. It’s elegant and classy design is best for the professional and business. It gives a sleek and beautiful look. This admin template compatible with all major devices such as mobile, template, etc. it comes with a powerful feature such as drag-drop builder, button, alerts, badges, widget, etc.

4) Elite able admin template

Elite Able

Elite Able is a clean and incredibly modern and extremely responsive dashboard. The template is a convenient, cutting edge platform for webmasters, developers, and apps or tech startup. It also includes awesome tools for helping you craft the end-user interface of your web app.

5) Flat able

Flat Able

Flat Able is one of the unique dashboard templates. Which comes with tons of ready-made features? It has a stunning design concept and color combination. It comes with 4 extreme dashboards, 100+ widget, and infinite menu style, etc.

Find out more bootstrap admin template: click here

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