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pinia + vuex-orm = pinia-orm

Pinia ORM


Well i think some or even many of you have heard of vuex-orm and loving the syntax to have orm in a store.
Till December 2021 the vuex-orm team was still working on their next iteration of vuex-orm.

Since pinia is now the offical store solution for vue, and vuex is being marked "deprecated", some already asked in an issue about the plan with vuex-orm for pinia.

Well after a while of thinking and waiting, i decided to make a first POC of vuex-orm-next for pinia and after two days of hardcore coding i had a working version.

Well i then paused for some months. Being father and work is a bit time consuming ;-)

But now for the last month i spent a lot of time into it. I tried to add every opened feature discuessed and also fixing known bugs from vuex-orm-next and vuex-orm.
So i am happy to anouce that pinia-orm is already in RC.5 state.

I really upgraded everything. The package, the tests and the docs.
All shiny again :) You can visit the package here

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