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Why should you create your own framework. - Presenting Puppertino!

OK, I know you don't know what Puppertino is, and in short, it's a CSS framework created by me! What makes it special? And why should you create your own framework? Keep reading to know!

Hi! I'm Codedgar and today I'm gonna talk about Puppertino and why you should consider creating your own framework!

First: "But why?"

But Why gif

Some people might say "Ugh, another CSS framework, why?", and I understand that there are a lot of CSS and JS frameworks around nowadays, but the main reason why I'm developing Puppertino is...


Knowledge Gif

I love to say that coding knowledge is a never-ending mountain, the more you climb, the more you realize that the top isn't near. And that's the main reason why I'm creating Puppertino. But let's dive inside why I think you also should create your own framework!


1- Knowledge
2- Use it yourself
3- Give something to the community

1- Knowledge

I already said this, but I wanna emphasize a little bit more about it.
By having an open project, people can see what you have created, allowing them to modify and suggest changes to make your code faster, more appealing, and maybe teach you something you didn't know.

You might find also a lot of challenges across the way, and crossing them will increase your knowledge!

2- Use it yourself

Maybe this isn't the case for everybody, and I get that. But for me, sometimes I find myself doing the same things or adding the same styles, that's why I'm using Puppertino also as a platform to create elements for my own projects and upcoming things. And if you can benefit from it, maybe someone else can too! Which takes me to my next point...

3- Give something to the community

Let's keep this a secret, but whenever I create something for the community, like a tutorial, a codepen, or anything, I come back to it and copy the code from it. And if you use it, maybe someone else will use it too, and you will be helping people to get the results they want more easily and faster.

"Okay that's cool, that's cool, but what about Puppertino?" That's an amazing question! Let's talk about it!

What About Puppertino?

1- What is it?
2- Ok, so an Apple-like framework?
3- Is it ready to use?
4- How can I contribute to it?

1- What is Puppertino

Puppertino is a CSS framework. Its name comes from Puppy and Cupertino. Which I find to be a funny mix of words. It's supposed to take elements and inspiration from the Human Guidelines and other design fundamentals to create a robust framework of elements that you can use on your apps or websites.

2- Ok, so an Apple-like framework?

NOPE, it's not an Apple-like framework. Not all the elements of the macOS and iOS IUs will be created into Puppertino, it will not be an exact copy with the exact colors and exact elements. Some of the components will be excluded, and non-existing components will also be added if I find them useful!

3- Is it ready to use?

I don't think so, there's a lot of things to add yet, but maybe if you wanted to use it in a landing page or something like that, it might work for you, for now, you'll have to wait a bit :)

4- How can I contribute?

You can always check the code and suggest any modifications! If you are feeling generous you can even create your own Puppertino Components and I'll review them and add them!

If you desire to contribute monetary way, there's currently no way of doing it (I also think that Puppertino currently does not deserve it), but if in the future I add some, I'll publish an article about it!


While there are a lot of frameworks outside, don't let this put you down. By creating a CSS framework you will not only be learning more but also you will be contributing to the community! So go ahead and create amazing things C:

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