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5 Predictions for NEXT JS 12

1) Support for Rust Language

Next.JS can bring support to the Rust Language for the compilation part. Most probably, you won't need to code in Rust. It will be present in the Next.js core to speed up the compilation as Rust is used in SWC, a new TypeScript compiler, and as the author of SWC is an employee of Rust. This connects a lot of Dots. So Rust will have some role to play in the Next.JS soon.

2) useSWR Library from Next.js

useSWR library is similar to React Query Library, which helps developers easily fetch data over HTTP requests. Even useSWR being compact does not have all the features available in React Query, and useSWR has released its first stable version, 1.0.0. There is a chance that they will release this grandly in the Next.js 12 conference as well.

3) Create a Page without JavaScript

Well, this may sound ironic to many developers as Next.JS itself is a JavaScript Framework. Next.JS released this as an experimental feature with'unstable_runtimeJS' flag. This will reduce the JavaScript runtime on the browser, leading to new heights in performance for static pages.

4) Pragmatic Incremental Static Generation

You might have heard about static generation. It's a way to generate an HTML Blog on the server every x minutes so that you can serve the page much faster. Now think about the x minutes. Let's say you have updated your blog post now. Your server won't edit the post immediately as it has to wait till the x minutes to pass. This is not a good case of Server Side Generation for your performance and validity of the page. So incremental Static Re-Generation is triggered when the page undergoes any change.

5) Live Collaboration Power to Vercel Deployment

If you were present at the Next.js 11 Conference, you might have heard of Next.js Live, which has given us Live collaboration power to help you complete team designs, front-end and back-end engineers to brainstorm and work simultaneously. They might roll out new features on the collaborative part.

BONUS: Next.JS Edge

In one of the ticket colors, the Vercel team tease about Edge computing. Next.js bundles and computation are mostly run on edge computing anyways. They also have lambda's at the edge support as well. They might be opening server-less functions to everyone, which will speed up server-less operations a lot. This is interesting, but we are not entirely sure about it. But we can expect that when it comes to edge computing, they might also release native support to an already existing database.


This is the second time Next.js is hosting the worldwide conference, and as Next.js is very performant and has good developer experience, its usage is growing high as days pass. The Next.js team is doing its best to deliver new features at minimal intervals. We can't be sure of all the features they are about to ship, but features will surely bring new performance charts.

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