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Disabling go modules in Visual Studio Code

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I couldn’t find a good answer to this question and I looked for hours. Ultimately, I decided to document it here for the next time I need it and for anyone else out there who’s looking to disable go modules in in Visual Studio Code.

  1. Open up Settings (⌘,) and search for “go tools env vars”

  1. Click “Edit in settings.json” and set GO111MODULE to off

I also disabled the go language server as it was burning a hole through my lap:

Well that’s all there was to it! I’m now able to use VSCode for all my editing needs.

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hamzaanis profile image
Hamza Anis

Everyone is moving towards go modules but still a good post.

codeboten profile image

True, but ya never know when you’ll work on a project that hasn’t found a need to migrate! :)

osuka42 profile image
Oscar Mendoza

Great, this was very useful to me. Thanks!

pranavtupe2000 profile image

Thanks man. It was very helpful.
It was life saving for me.
You did a really great job.