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Hands on search engine in Java using Elastic search

What is Elasticsearch and where is it used?

If you're looking for a powerful search engine and data visualization tool, then you need to install Elasticsearch and Kibana. Elasticsearch is a distributed, Restful search and analytics engine that helps you find the right information quickly.

What is Kibana and where is it used?

Kibana is a data visualization tool that lets you see your data in creative and exciting ways. Having both of these tools installed can be extremely beneficial for anyone who wants to be able to quickly find and visualize their data.

Steps to download and install Elastic search and kibana Integrate ElasticSearch with kibana

Some of the term used in elastic search.

  • Index - similar to table which store record(document) in it.
  • Document - JSON object stored in index

Let create a index and insert documents into it.

Index creation and their settings in elastic searh

Insert documents into elastic index from Spring boot API

Fetching documents from index by building query

A Detailed post with examples are available in codebooker

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