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Build and Launch Your Web3 dApps with Speed with Mirror World Smart SDK

What is Mirror World Smart SDK?

In one sentence, the Mirror World Smart SDK stack provides seamless blockchain adoption and consumption for Web3 dApps and games. Get Authentication, Wallets, Marketplaces, and Powerful APIs in minutes.

What it does?

Mirror World Smart SDK covers basically everything you need for building a Web 3 project. Unlike many other Web 3 infrastructure services that only provide half of the APIs for a complete project, or their independent API often goes into very specific details such as how to get NFT metadata through one function, we intend to cover the whole development process for a single project.
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That means everything from Web 2/Web 3 login methods to NFT Marketplace, wallet integration, and NFT launch are all covered in the SDK with minimal code required. All you need to do is plug in once, and the APIs are all yours. If all you want to build is a marketplace or a login function, you can easily do so by simply calling that API and starting to build.
Aside from these primary features, we do have other auxiliary functions such as a UI dashboard, open storefront, data monitoring tools, and so on, to minimize your development effort. Mirror World Smart SDK also has special adaptions for Mobile dApps such as In-App-Wallet, and if you intend to have your product or game published on IOS App Store, you can by pass the 30% fee charged from AppStore.
There's often a gap between an idea of a great dApp and the action of building it, and we want to reduce the friction of stepping forward.

What's inside Smart SDK?

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Smart Marketplace

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Accelerate your Web3 development by 10x

The general difficulties of building an NFT Marketplace could range from the front end of the user profile, transaction parsing and signing, and market layout to fetching NFT metadata, data storage as well as smart contracts. Building all these features could take a small team a long amount of time to build on Web 3 especially if they have no prior experience. If we take a look at Mirror World's newest game demo Mirrors Jump, the in-built marketplace you see in the product took about 1 DAY from zero to a marketplace in full operation.
You can visit our game Mirrors Jump here:

Improve end-user experience

For the mobile end, building marketplaces through Smart SDK also means there will be no more jumping around dApps on Mobile, the Mirrors Jump Marketplace allows users to stay in your dApps for the whole transaction process. Staying in one Dapp the whole time would also mean minimizing customer losses to other NFT Projects.

Opensource storefront

On the front end, we provide you with a solution—a UI dashboard for some simple layout and coloring customization. Mirrors Jump used the existing marketplace template, but if more delicate changes are needed, we also have an open storefront for you to make your product layout the best fit for your project.
On the front end, we provide you with a storefront template solution - a UI interface used to interact with your dApp's marketplace. We also provide a simple data monitoring tool for you to take advantage of that and improve your product through thorough data analysis.

Start Building your Web3 dApps today

For a brief tutorial on how to display user tokens, NFTs, and transactions with Smart SDK, please check out this video made by our tech team. The SDK is now free to use, so feel free to make an NFT Marketplace MVP now!

Smart Wallet

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Development Difficulties

During the wallet development, showing the transaction details could be a pickle when you need to construct a front end first and find the best match on-chain data monitoring tool to feed data. As you can see in the Mirrors Jump scenario, the Smart Wallet will provide you with an interface that will save you from front-end development. The security passcode with a reliable third-party KMS will bring extra safety to your dApp. All you have to do is plug-in the SDK and you can pull out the whole function right in your dApp.

Improve customer experience

It is hard to keep the customer experience for purchasing smooth as well, especially in mobile scenarios. Along with Smart Marketplace, Smart Wallet would also help with reducing purchasing friction, limiting all purchasing actions inside your dApp. The easier the purchase brings more purchases.
And as you can see in the demonstration, other auxiliary services like on-ramp are also provided.

Try to make a Wallet MVP now

For the complete Mirror World Smart SDK Doc, please visit here and start to build your first Crypto Wallet. The whole process is free of charge.

Smart Auth

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Development Difficulties

Building a Web 3 wallet login requires familiarization with the principles of crypto wallets, transaction objects, and signatures as well as private key security. Smart Auth will resolve all of that, with extra Web 2 log-in methods provided.

Social Authentication

Only one integration will bring five and more Web 2 login methods into action. Logging in with Web 2 methods(Google, Twitter, Discord, Email, Facebook, etc.) will make your product no different from a Web 2 app when it comes to user acquisition. More customers will then able to convert as a user in yout dapps/games.

Adaptable to Various Wallet, Including Your Own

For many Web 3 infra providers, one of the intentions of providing minimal-size APIs is to make various applicable use cases become possible, Mirror World's holistic SDK also has just that, but simpler. You will still be able to use either your self-developed wallet or a third-party wallet to log in and purchase, but with a less complicated developing process. With a general interface and ready-to-hand connectors provided, you can now focus on making your product special and unique.

Example: Log in to Mirror Jump

In the Mirrors Jump demonstration, the normal Web 2 login will seem the same as any Web 2 app, and the Wallet sign-in will not force you to jump out of the dApp. Just plug in the SDK and you can have the functions just like in Mirrors Jump, then feel free to make any changes as you like.

Start BUilding an All-In-One Login Today

For the User Auth tutorial, please visit this video from our tech team. For more information, you can visit our website here as well.

Smart NFT Creation

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Development Difficulties

NFT creation is a complicated and repetitive task for developers when you have to thoroughly figure out a smart contract and ensure it is secure before you land it. Since almost nothing can be done once it is applied, extra cost from rigorous auditing is often needed, you can never be more discreet. Mirror World SDK provides different types of smart contracts. Every smart contract is audited to ensure security, eliminate further concerns while simplifying the development process.

In Game NFT Creation

In Mirrors Jump, you can mint your NFT inside the game, friction-less, just like the in-game purchasing. Developers can just fill out configuration info on the Mirror World dashboard, the system will be ready to go.
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Try to make an NFT Minting Tool now

For the complete Mirror World Smart SDK Doc, please visit this website and start to build your first NFT Minting Tool here. The whole process is free of charge.

How to get started?

For a quick onboarding to our SDK, you can watch this tutorial video
To try out our SDK for free, please visit our dashboard here:

What's the advantage of Smart SDK?

Save cost, Improve Revenue

Saving developers months of logistic and repetitive development is our primary goal. Also, you will also have access to Web 2's user base and expand yours fast and securely.


Mirror World Smart SDK is All-In-One, the aforementioned features are all integrated into one SDK, no more figuring out what function you need and spending time finding the API of the best fit. The info in the Blog and Video tutorials would suffice.
We believe that developers shouldn't spend time re-inventing the wheels over and over. Almost all use cases in the Smart SDK have the most well-rounded front-end and back-end solutions on the market, all you need is to plug in.


The last thing you want in a Web 3 project is your Smart contract isn't going in the right direction or bugs susceptive to foreign attacks. Mirror World Smart SDK uses reliable third-party KMS to guarantee the private keys' safety and keep foreign attacks away.

Community and Professional Support

We have detailed Doc and Blog/Video tutorials for you to onboard the Smart SDK and will guide you through building MVPs in each use case. For additional questions and contributions, please join our discord and receive professional support from our tech team.
Use Case: Check Out Mirrors Jump Game Demo
Mirror World Smart SDK has also been powering the Web 3 gaming matrix Mirror Matrix for a long time, with three successful games rolled out from the platform. The most recent game Mirrors Jump is developed entirely using Smart SDK, implementing all of the features. Feel free to experience the game and see what Smart SDK's product looks like in action. You could also collect SDK Test Tokens by playing the game.

Other questions

Who is Mirror World?

Mirror World is a Web3 mobile infrastructure project for forward-thinking crypto projects that focuses on cross-platform development, helping increase speed to market and helping game teams roll out full-stack crypto dApps. Mirror World is backed by top-tier VCs including Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, Mirana Ventures, OKX BDV, IVC, Sky9 Ventures and more. The team comes from a variety of backgrounds including EA, Dropbox, ByteDance, NetEase, and various startups across the globe.

Why Mobile?

One core emphasis that the team at Mirror World has focused on is on Mobile. We believe strongly that the future is mobile. That is why we put much focus on helping developers and their products to gain more customers from mobile and Web 2 end. And as builders of mobile games ourselves, we are familiar with the problems within traditional game and mobile app development, that include on-boarding for Web3, transaction processing, storefronts, and have created building blocks that help solve these problems elegantly with Web 3. We have now successfully rolled out three mobile NFT games, with the newest one being Mirrors Jump you see throughout the article. Our work in mobile gaming as well as the growing community of over 10,000+ members represents our commitment to the vision of creating and maintaining these APIs and SDKs.

Official Website/Doc link

For our tech Doc please visit:
For the Official Website please visit:

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