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Amazing article, thank you. I struggle with being a "master of none" as my career took me from control systems engineering (linear & nonlinear control, research in systems biology), to robotics using pneumatics (R&D, Matlab), to statistical car accident data analysis (R), back to robotics (research, python), to (self educated) frontend web development while taking courses in ML&DL, and then back to robotics (ROS). Now I'm taking a course in fullstack web development (to become a better SW engineer) and DL (because I love math and it's magic) and am looking for jobs.

I love everything I've learned so far, but I have an identity crisis and imposter syndrome since I'm not "very good" at any single one thing.

This article helped me see how my breadth of knowledge and experience can be viewed as an asset 😅


Absolutely. It took some time for me to see the immense value my generalist peers offered to the organization.

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