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Goodbye 2020, Hello World 2021 !!

code_regina profile image Code_Regina ・1 min read

I am glad to have completely finish Colt Steele The Web Developer Bootcamp. There is a lot of information to take in, however, once I got started it became easier to understand the concepts.

I will be going back to Colt Steele Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp course after I complete the Data Structures and Algorithms course.

I am glad that Colt has made all these courses and that he actively keeps them up to date. I find it easier to follow along with the same instructor and teaching style.

Anyways, I have enjoyed documentation my learning experience on dev a lot more than I first anticipated. I feel like it has kept me obligated to learning and having a living record that I can update and inform others along the way.

Here to more learning in 2021 and beyond !!!

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Mode by Maven

I love the remake of this course. The one before kind of overwhelmed me a bit but I love what he's done to upgrade it. Congrats and keep going! =)

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He’s a great teacher. Congrats on finishing the class!

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Cody Lillywhite

That is awesome! I am part way into the web developer bootcamp. If anyone needs a recommendation for a great course in web development it would be that one.