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I created 3 New VSCode Themes!

Rithik Samanthula
👋 I am Rithik. I am a Front-End Web Developer. I am good at coding languages like HTML, CSS, Python, and Many More!
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Hey There!

This is an exciting post because.....

Drumroll please..🥁🥁

Well you obviously know by the title 😂.

Anyways, I created 3 New (and free) VSCode themes to make your VSCode look better.

A month ago I wrote a post on 8 Rad themes for VSCode.

You can check it out here:

Anyways, are you ready to install it...

It's on the marketplace!

1. Neon Blue Drive

An Awesome Neon Blue Theme Inspired by The Best Theme

Alt Text


2. Blazes Abyss

This is a theme based on the CodeSandbox Theme

Alt Text


3. Purple Star

This is a nice purple theme with a radical theme

Alt Text


Please do write reviews on the marketplace!

Thank You for Reading and Remember...

Keep Coding Y'All 👨🏻‍💻

Discussion (4)

zzoukk profile image

Neon Blue looks good. The others have red font on black, not readable.

zoothornrollo profile image

Love that Neon Blue Drive, nice one!

code2rithik profile image
Rithik Samanthula Author

Thanks please leave review on the marketplace and share it with your friends