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Test Driven Development ( TDD )

The Benefits of Test-Driven Development in a TypeScript Express Project

Test-driven development (TDD) is a software development practice that involves writing tests before writing the code. This approach helps ensure that the code is thoroughly tested and meets the requirements before release. In the context of a TypeScript Express project, TDD can help improve the quality of the code and reduce the number of bugs.

By following TDD, developers can write tests first and then write the code to make those tests pass. This approach can help catch bugs early in the development process and ensure the code is well-structured and easy to maintain. Additionally, TDD can help developers focus on the project's requirements and avoid getting bogged down in the implementation details.

To start learning about TDD in a TypeScript Express project, wait for the upcoming exercises. In the exercises, you'll learn how to write tests using Jest and Typescript, and how to implement TDD in a simple Express project. By the end of the exercises, you'll have a better understanding of the benefits of TDD in a TypeScript Express project.

Meanwhile, you can try your hand at TDD by attempting any of the following exercises: TDD Buddy Exercises

Update: Exercises Added

1 . Character Copy Kata

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