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It is not a Choice! You must become IT Literate

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I am a software engineer and coach. I dislike the status quo and am always thinking on new ways to do things.
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The coming of information and communication technology (ICT) has brought drastic changes in the way we labor, learn and live. In the yesteryear, the accountant was one who could keep records and balance books; a student in Santa could only travel to San Francisco to get lectures; and we could only communicate with our friends and family via old fashioned methods like letters. That reminds me of “pen pals”. I remember we used to exchange letters with our unknown friends in the USA, Germany, India, Japan, etc. Today, pen pals have a different form due to the coming of information technology (IT).

Sometimes I ask myself what the world would be without these technologies? The truth is, my parents and grandparents could easily answer that question not me, but let me tell you 3 things I know. These technologies: crosscut in every domain of life, are not leaving us this soon, and are in constant evolution and change. Since they affect all areas of our lives, and will not leave us this soon, we MUST become IT literate today in order to be relevant in the world of tomorrow.

The big question is: “who is an IT literate?” I guess you are already saying that: “an IT literate is he who can use an ICT system” well, you just missed it. In this constant evolving and changing world, an IT literate is he who can easily adapt in the use of any IT system.

I guess the question now is: “what is the difference between your definition and mine?” the answer is at the level of the word “adapt”. Adaptation is the process of changing to fit new environments or conditions. As Darwin said: “it is not the strongest species that survives, but the ones who can easily adapt”. In this ever changing technological world we are in, I will tell you that: “An IT literate is not he who is strong in a particular technology, but it is, he who can easily adapt to use any technology. So, to stay relevant in this ever changing world: you have to become IT literate.

I think the big question now is: “how can one become IT literate as per your definition?” We’ve got a road map for you, but that will depend on which level you want to play as an IT literate. Visit to learn more.

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