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Hey community 👋🏻

this is my first post published here on and I thought I use it to announce my "contribution" to the #100DaysOfCode Challenge.

But I have to make a view changes ...

  1. I most likely will not be able to code 100 Days strait but I will code as often as possible.
  2. I will not only focus on learning new techniques, but improving skills in Technology I already know (in my case, mostly PHP / FatFreeFramework)

But I will document the whole challenge as good as possible on my Twitter account (@JPrzymusinski) and here on DEV

Thanks for you're time :)

Ps. if you have any ideas on projects I can do, please let me know. I have a view in mind but it wouldn't hurt to have more :)
And please forgive any Spelling / grammar mistakes in Posts here and on Twitter, if you find some, please let me know in the comments. Thanks

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