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Learning curve & the impostor syndrome

The world of technology is really amazing, right? The amount of still unimaginable things that we humans can create, automate simple everyday tasks no matter how silly, request and receive information in seconds, have you noticed?

In this huge world, we can learn many things any second just by typing whatever we want.
But is it really that easy to learn and master ANYTHING?

Every subject has a learning curve, it can be a short period of time and it can be a long time without end, and at some point in our lives we all go through the stage of imposter syndrome. If you don't know what this is, I'll explain it quickly:

Imagine you've been studying any programming language for months, so you want to meet other programmers to share knowledge. After a while you're not feeling comfortable with your own knowledge, you feel like you've been wasting the last few months to learn nothing, it seems like everyone is better than you at everything... and out of nowhere, you start to feel as the worst person of the world and all you can think is - "I'm a fraud"

Have you ever felt something like this?

Here's the thing, you're not and you were never a fraud. Everyone has had that moment: "I'm the smartest person alive" and of course the classic "Oh my God, how did I miss this, I'm so dumb."

The amount of time one person needs to learn a subject is completely different from another. Each person has their own way of processing, collecting and knowing how to use information, but hey don't get it twisted, be sure that you are learning the right thing, we usually learn from mistakes!

Patience is key when learning new things, sometimes you may need to review something again and that's ok! So hey, whenever you feel useless and wasting time, please don't forget, everything is a work in progress, so don't stop just because you couldn't handle something today, you'll be able to do it tomorrow, maybe you just need to breathe a little.

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Sean Williams

People also tend to put their best foot forward in social (and especially professional) interactions, and de-emphasize their own weaknesses. It's not fair to judge your sense of your own struggles against the images that others project.

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That's true, we must be careful to not trick our own mind!

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