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TwilioQuest 3, the RPG for Developers and New Programmers

More and more of our lives are lived inside the virtual worlds of computers. This universe, which we refer to as The Cloud, expands every second of every day. The ability to write code - the laws of these virtual worlds - has become a precious resource.

There are those who would use the power of code to steal, deceive, and oppress. We know these evil forces as the Legacy Systems. From the shadows, they conspire to dominate the free people of The Cloud. Their wealth and privilege have carried them to the edge of victory, but one thing stands in their way - the Operators.

From every race, religion, gender, and background, Operators in the TwilioQuest program are known across The Cloud as champions of justice. They are sworn to uphold the Operator's Code - that their technical skills will be used only to unlock hope, power, and freedom for all humanity. But today, their numbers are few.

We turn to you for help. Take up the tools of software development. Become an Operator. Save The Cloud.

fog owl

About the Game

Chapter 1 of TwilioQuest challenges players to take their first steps as an Operator in the TwilioQuest program. The player is placed in command of the Fog Owl, a prototype Cloud Exploration Vessel designed to allow users to travel deeper into The Cloud than ever before. Players will be supported by Cedric, an advanced virtual intelligence designed to act as your advisor and executive officer. However, the Fog Owl is not yet fully operational. While technicians finish their work on the ship, the player can undertake training missions to prepare for their inevitable confrontation with the Legacy Systems.

Using the integrated code editor or your own programming tools, you will hack locked barriers and treasure chests by completing programming challenges. Your efforts will be rewarded with rad loot and experience points to track your progress as a developer. Today, most of the challenges you'll encounter are related to Twilio products and APIs. In the future, the overwhelming majority of content in TwilioQuest will be general-purpose technical training content aimed at teaching a new generation of Operators (at any experience level) to join the struggle against the Legacy Systems.

Download the game ( and see how far your skills will take you today!

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ryantenorio profile image

I really enjoy TwilioQuest. I blogged about completing some of the first missions in Go, I hope I have time to continue doing so soon.

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Chiara Massironi

That's awesome! Let me know if you get a chance to check out the new missions. We will be releasing some exciting new content soon :)

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