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Contributed to Dome Game Engine for This Hacktoberfest

clsource profile image Camilo ・1 min read

For this Hacktoberfest I decided to contribute to the Dome Engine. A minimalist game engine that is written in C that uses the Wren Programming Language for scripting.

These were the accepted contributions:

  • Added Wren Version to the command: dome -v.
  • Removed unused code for ffi module.
  • Added a new variable to Window for getting the FPS.

Also there were two additional PRs that were not accepted because they required additional though not related to code.

  • Added JSON support: This PR could not be accepted since its preferred to use raw C to generate the Map data structure, instead of Wren. But since Wren does not have support for Map construction until version 0.4.0 this module was delayed until then.

  • Added command line arguments to be accesible to Wren code: This was delayed because the optparse.c file has some arbitrary way of dealing with argv. And it was not clear the best way to interpret which items belongs to the engine arguments and which belongs to user custom arguments.

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