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Top C++ books in 2022

C ++ is one of the dominant and most versatile programming languages. It is quite old and first appeared in 1985, but is preferred by programmers to embedded desktop applications due to its privilege to hide code and its mobility.

Originally, C ++ was introduced as the successor to C, with the concept of graphics and object-oriented programming making it popular in the 2000s. The C ++ craze is not over yet.

Many large companies use C ++ to create their applications, for example Google. Chrome is one of its great achievements. It is developed in C ++. Here we are going to discuss the 5 Advanced C++ Books.

1. The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition)

Written by none other than Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++ – and who else to know better C++ than him -, The C++ Programming Language is an immensely popular book on the subject.

This C++ book is a great deal as it contains all the basics of C++ along with the advanced-level concepts. The C++ Programming Language is one of the best-selling books on C++. If you are keen to learn C++ you can start with this book.

By: Bjarne Stroustrup
For: beginner and intermediate programmers

2. Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++

Principles and Practice using C++Another great book written by the creator of C++ is Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++. though it contains all the basic concepts of C++, it would not be a suitable pick for you if you’ve just started out with the object-oriented programming language.

Those who have even little practical experience with C++ and know how to do basic coding and the way data structure and algorithms can start with this book. In this book, Stroustrup mostly focused on coding skills.

By: Bjarne Stroustrup
For: Intermediate programmers

3. C++ Primer 5th Edition

If you have no experience with C++ or any other programming language, and you want to learn from scratch then the C++ Primer – now in 5th edition – would be a good choice.

This C++ book contains more than 1,000 pages and you will find all the basic concepts in it. In this book, you will find precise and easy examples for each concept that focuses on explaining concepts quicker and easier.

Apart from the basics, you will also find the new libraries that have been introduced in this book.

You can buy this book from Here

By: Josée Lajoie, Stanley B. Lippman, and Barbara E. Moo
For: Beginners

4. Effective Modern C++

As the name of the book suggests, this book is for modern C++ users. This book is recommended to those who want to learn C++ at the advance-level and want to gain and improve advanced-level skills.

Effective Modern C++ contains 9 chapters and the main focus is advanced topics that help the programmer to tackle real-world problems and to help build advanced and complex programs.

By: Scott Meyers
For: Advanced-level programmers

5. Practical C++ Programming 2nd edition

This C++ book is highly recommended for those programmers who already have some experience with C++ and want to test their skills and learn new things that they hadn’t before.

Practical C++ Programming comes with 30 chapters. By the successful completion of this book, you will have developed a strong grasp of C++ programming skills.

The author of this book has included many practice questions that you can try by yourself and understand how the theoretical concepts are implemented in real-world scenarios.

By: Steve Oualline
For: Intermediate and advanced programmers

Some of the chapters

1: What Is C++?
2: The Basics of Program Writing
3: Style
4: Basic Declarations and Expressions
5: Qualifiers, Arrays, and Reading Numbers
6: Decision and Control Statements
7: The Process of Programming
8: More Control Statements
9: Variable Scope and Functions
10: The C++ Pre-processor


Books offer you an excellent means to learn. Learning any programming language without reading books is a task next to impossible. So, here we end this blog post hoping that you might find these C++ books helpful in learning and/or advancing with C++. All the best!

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Sandor Dargo

Those are good books! For some reason I thought you'd share books from this year, my bad.

Here is a collection of C++ books you might find interesting:

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cloudytech147 Author

Thank you Sandor Dargo. I'll go through your blog and will add more books.

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Sandor Dargo

Feel free to create a pull requrest.

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