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Latest SQL Interview Question

In this article, we are going to discuss all those questions which are frequently asked during SQL interviews. We will start from the basics then move to the advanced level and also discuss some essential queries often used in SQL management. so let’s discuss SQL Interview Questions and Answers.

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Here is the list of questions:

  1. What is Data?
  2. What is a Database?
  3. What is SQL?
  4. What is the latest version of SQL?
  5. What is DBMS?
  6. Name the different types of DBMS.
  7. Give some Key Features of SQL
  8. What is RDBMS?
  9. How DBMS is different from RDBMS?
  10. Name some RDBMS software that uses SQL.
  11. What is a Table in SQL?
  12. What Does a JOIN clause do in SQL?
  13. Name the different types of JOINS in SQL
  14. How SQL is different from a programming language?
  15. Name the different Datatypes of SQL.
  16. How the VARCHAR is different from the CHAR?
  17. Name the various DBMS languages.
  18. Define DDL and name all the tasks performed by DDL.
  19. Explain DML and name its tasks.
  20. How DELETE clause is different from the TRUNCATE?


SQL always remains in demand and uses, right now mostly all the dynamic web-application use a SQL Database Management system to manage their application content and data. It does not matter which programming language you use there is an integration present for every programming language which helps in creating and managing SQL database.

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