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Crack IT Technical interview by these questions

Assuming you are planning for an IT-based specialized interview, we recommend you go through these best operating system interview questions. In these interviews, aside from your critical thinking abilities, the interviewer may likewise test your insight into operating systems.

Many organizations additionally direct online composed tests for the interview round where they pose inquiries as Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). So it additionally turns out to be vital for you to rehearse some operating system MCQs before you show up in these tests.

Go through

  • Give the advantages of a multiprocessor system.
  • What is virtual memory?
  • Name some functions of the operating system.
  • List the basic functions of OS file management.
  • What is booting?
  • Define a multi-programming system.
  • What is a kernel in an operating system?
  • What are the main functions of a kernel in an operating system?
  • Define the 2 most popular types of kernels.
  • Give some disadvantages of Microkernel.
  • What is SMP?
  • What is asymmetric clustering?
  • Explain a thread?
  • What is demanding paging?

To know more go through this Operating System interview questions to crack IT-based technical interview.

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