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How to Get Cloud Certified????

Over the past few years, the cloud computing industry has generated a lot of interest and investment. Cloud computing has become an integral part of the IT infrastructure for many companies worldwide. Industry analysts report that the cloud computing industry has grown swiftly over recent years.
According to Wikibon, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) revenue will climb to $43 billion by 2022 with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud close behind.
As cloud computing becomes critical to IT and business in general, the demand for cloud skills will increase. Aspiring cloud professionals must prove that they have the skills and knowledge to be able to compete favorably in the market, and a cloud certification is the best way to do that.

The 3 Most Valuable Cloud Certifications to Have on Your Résumé

▸ AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional
▸Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert
▸Google Cloud Certified — Professional Cloud Architect

My Background: I am Cloud and Big Data Enthusiast , I am here because I love to Talk about Cloud. I am 11x Cloud Certified Expert. 4x AWS Certified , 3x Oracle Cloud Certified , 3x Azure Certified 1x Alibaba Cloud Certified .

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How to Get Started.

▸I started my journey into the cloud last year around june 2018. I was always interested in cloud technologies and found it fascinating. I was surfing a lot of random articles and blogs carrying information about cloud .

▸I found that In Order to learn AWS , I have to practice all the AWS Services and thus I quickly signed up on the AWS .
▸I used to spend almost 3 to 4 hours daily trying to practice the various AWS Services and it Helped me a lot in Understanding the AWS Architecture.

To know more about my journey into the aws cloud refer to this article.

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Getting Started with AWS Educate.

▸AWS has recently introduced it’s new learning platform called AWS Educate and it is best if anyone wants to start with AWS .
▸AWS Educate is Amazon’s new Learning Platform to Learn Amazon Web Services and it is basically free for all students and Educators who want to learn AWS Services and Explore all the new Stuff which AWS has to Offer that to Absolutely Free without any charges .
▸If you’re a student, you can benefit with no-cost, at-home learning opportunities through AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathways and specialty badges, and online workshops and webinars to help you continue to build cloud skills.
▸AWS Credits for Students
(renews annually)
▸AWS Educate Starter Account with $75 in AWS Promotional Credits if your school is an AWS Educate member institution
▸AWS Educate Starter Account with $30 in AWS Promotional Credits if your school is not an AWS Educate member institution.

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To Know more refer to this article.

Tips and Tricks for everyone to get Microsoft Azure Certified within days for free.

For anyone wanting to start their journey into the Microsoft Azure , now is the perfect time as Microsoft Azure is Offering free Azure Training and AZ-900 Exam Voucher.
What are the steps required to prepare for Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Exam ?
How to prepare and pass the AZ-300 Exam & AZ-301 Exam ?

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To Know all about getting Azure Certified refer to my article.

Tips and Tricks for everyone to get oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI) Cerified within days for free.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certifications carry great value and can increase your salary exponentially. Normally these costs around $230 — $250. The list of the certifications are as follows: –
Oracle Autonomous Database Specialist
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Associate
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Operations Associate
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Associate
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Professional

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To know more refer to my article.

Why to Get Certified?

A certification in cloud computing implies that you are skilled to help your organization reduce risks and costs to implement your workloads and projects on different cloud platforms. This will provide opportunities for cloud-related projects, and your clients will see you as a credible subject matter expert.
Why Hands-On Labs are Important.

Hands-on labs help you learn faster and better because the lab offers the ability to practice and experiment. You do not need your own account credentials to use the hands-on labs. When you start a hands-on lab, the system launches all the necessary resources and starts the timer.

I hope that this guide helps you in building your career with Cloud and getting Cloud Certified,
If you have any doubt or unable to understand any concept feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.](
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I also am working on various AWS Services and Developing various Cloud , Big Data & Devops Projects.
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“Motivation is what gets you started, but persistence is the only thing that guarantees your success.”― Edmond Mbiaka

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