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CloudDefense.AI helped secure a database that contained entries of over 153,000 users

CloudDefense.AI helped secure a database that contained entries of over 153,000 users

CloudDefense.AI recently garnered attention on TechCrunch for its pivotal role in safeguarding the exposed database of the Indian social media startup, Slick. This database contained records of over 153,000 users and had inadvertently become vulnerable due to a misconfiguration, posing potential risks.

Anurag Sen, our diligent security researcher, unearthed this exposed database and, in collaboration with TechCrunch, alerted Slick about the issue. Once TechCrunch contacted Slick on a Friday, the company promptly took action to secure the database.

For months, an internal database of the up-and-coming Indian social media platform, Slick, housed sensitive data, including that of school-age children, making it accessible to the public due to inadequate security measures.

Fortunately, swift intervention by TechCrunch and Slick prevented any harm before it occurred. Over the past few months, CloudDefense.AI has been instrumental in aiding numerous companies in addressing security breaches.

CloudDefense.AI is an advanced security solution meticulously crafted to assist businesses in fortifying their databases against potential threats. It offers an array of security features, such as database encryption, access control, and real-time monitoring, to safeguard sensitive information.

In the case of Slick, CloudDefense.AI played a pivotal role in securing the exposed database. The solution expedited the identification of the misconfiguration responsible for the exposure and promptly rectified it. Furthermore, CloudDefense.AI ensured comprehensive security measures were implemented to shield the database from future security threats.

In summary, it is imperative for businesses to take proactive steps in protecting their databases from potential security vulnerabilities. Solutions like CloudDefense.AI provide startups like Slick with the assurance that their sensitive data remains secure, even in the face of misconfigurations or other security incidents. Investing in robust security measures is essential to prevent data breaches, uphold user trust, and secure a successful path for the business.

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