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Understanding the Twitter Algorithm


Twitter recently open-sourced their algorithm, spilling the beans on exactly what makes for a successful tweet & account. In this article, we dive into the code to understand how to optimize for engagement & profile growth.

To make the most of Twitter's algorithm and enhance your online presence, it's essential to understand the platform's unique scoring system and ranking factors. Then, by optimizing your content and interactions, you can increase your visibility, engagement, and influence on Twitter.

Tweet Scoring System

The performance of your tweets is influenced by a scoring system that assigns point values to different interactions:

  • Retweets (RTs): 20 points
  • Likes: 30 points
  • Replies: 1 point

Higher scores result in increased visibility and engagement.

Positive and Negative Impacts on Tweet Performance

Certain factors can positively or negatively impact your tweet's performance:

Positive Impacts:

  • Trendy topic: 1.1x increase
  • Video content: 2x increase
  • Image content: 2x increase

Negative Impacts:

  • Multiple hashtags: 0.6x decrease
  • Offensive language: 0.1x decrease
  • Unknown language: 0.05x decrease

Anything below 1.0 is considered negative. Therefore, incorporate positive factors and avoid negative ones to optimize your tweet's performance.

Twitter's Profile Ranking System

Your Twitter rank determines your visibility and is influenced by several factors:

  • Restrictions
  • Account age
  • Suspensions
  • Verification status
  • Following-to-follower ratio

To maintain a strong profile, keep these factors in check and focus on growing your follower count.

Optimizing Your Following-to-Follower Ratio

If you follow more people than you have followers, your profile's performance may suffer. Keep the number of people you follow lower than your follower count to maintain a healthy ratio and improve your ranking.

Influence Analysis Based on User Interactions

Your interactions with other users determine your influence on Twitter. Engaging with high-quality users will improve your ranking while interacting with low-quality users can negatively impact your profile. Therefore, be strategic with your interactions to optimize your influence.

Non-media and Non-news Links as Spam

Non-media and non-news links are automatically marked as spam, hindering your profile's performance. However, if a tweet generates enough engagement, it will not be marked as spam. Therefore, exercise caution when sharing links and focus on providing valuable content to your audience.

Penalties for Engaging with Users Outside Your Network

Interacting with users outside of your network, such as celebrities, can result in penalties from Twitter's algorithm. In addition, avoid engaging with users with a significantly different following to maintain your profile's credibility and ranking.

The Power of Verified Accounts (Twitter Blue)

Verified accounts, or Twitter Blue, receive a significant boost in the platform's algorithm, making the $11/month investment worthwhile for enhancing your visibility, engagement, and credibility.

Algorithm Updates

Twitter updates its recommendation algorithm every 24-48 hours based on user suggestions, so keep an eye on analytics to see which days/periods are more successful & plan content around those days.

Leveraging Hashtags Effectively

Use hashtags strategically to increase your reach and participate in relevant conversations. However, avoid using excessive hashtags, negatively impacting your tweet's performance.

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