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What Always Gets Me...

cliftonhill profile image Clifton Hill ・1 min read

Invariably when I am trying to do something that is new(ish) and that I don't understand it entirely, when I look up how to do it I run into the overly common roadblock of finding advice from experts that gloss over some necessary details.

30 minutes pass (sometimes hours!) then finally success is achieved after all of the various permutations of what could have possibly been missed in translation are tried and finally...I have the results I need.


And then, of course, I don't help the situation (because time is fleeting) by leaving those needed clarifying tidbits for the next wayward code newbie on their journey of finding an answer to their problem.


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Clifton Hill Author

For anyone wondering, since I left them hanging, this one was regarding how to track changes for a different github branch locally.