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Top Beginner-Friendly PHP Projects Ideas in 2023

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a scripted language used for manipulating systems and creating one from scratch. PHP is considered one of the most popular programming languages; hence, developers aspire to excel in it.

But to become an expert PHP Developer, you ought to learn a few things, such as coding tactics, developing projects, etc. For moving ahead in your career in the field of software development, working on PHP projects is the must-to-do task for you to polish your skills. Especially if you are still learning, PHP projects will provide you a great exposure to master the language and excel in Laravel development.

A Laravel web development company like Clickysoft can help you to take your PHP development skills to the next level by providing you with the latest tools, frameworks and libraries to develop projects quickly and efficiently. They can also provide you with guidance and support throughout the development process to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Mostly such PHP projects require an excellent grasp of basic PHP concepts. However, starting a project or choosing the right platform can be overwhelming and confusing. So, if you are stuck in such a place, we are here to help you.

In this article, Clickysoft will highlight the best beginner-friendly PHP project ideas. So, keep reading and exploring with us.

Let’s get started!

PHP Projects: Beginner-Friendly Project Ideas

Content Management System (CMS)

You must have already heard of Wix or WordPress and know what a content management system or CMS is. Though, don’t worry if you are not familiar with it — we’ll explain it to you.

Content management systems help you build different kinds of sites through the help of domains and server hosting. Nonetheless, PHP is a precise language for CMS development.

CMS Project has two significant modules, the management module and the delivery module. The management module will let you develop a site and create, remove, and modify content from it. Meanwhile, the delivery module works on the instructions from the server and executes them for the users.

You can also add several features to scale the side. Make sure to add a library for plugins and themes.

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WordPress Plug-ins

As mentioned before, WordPress is a CMS, so it must be evident that you can create websites using WordPress. However, very few websites don’t use plugins for various purposes.

That being said, creating WordPress plugins is among the popular PHP projects for intermediate-level PHP programmers. Plugins can be an excellent passive income if they are well-made.

Depending on your plugin’s type, it has different features, but it should be compatible and up-to-date with all WordPress versions. It should be adaptable to the website’s theme it will be integrated with.

In addition, it shouldn’t modify already added features but only add new features. Also, your plugin should be customizable to give control to the users for disabling features.

Fake Reviews Identification System

Using fake reviews to create a better brand image is a common practice by businesses. Primarily startups use different marketing strategies to build their businesses. This strategy has become familiar as people tend to buy things with positive reviews.

However, fake reviews don’t provide organic traffic to any business. So, if you are looking for genuine products with original reviews or if you are a businessman looking to weed out competitors, PHP projects like fake review identification systems are super helpful.

The fake review identification system should have a single admin module to manage all the tasks. It should be able to recognize keywords that can help identify fake reviews. It should also be able to go through user data within the platform to determine users’ tone in other reviews.

Precisely, it should be able to differentiate between an organic and fake review by using keywords and user tone.

Chess Game

Chess is the most classic and oldest board game. Chess is not everybody’s cup of tea — but you can enjoy it if you love thinking out of the box. That said, like other programming languages, PHP can be used for game development.

In fact, chess is one of the most primal games for beginners to take as a project as a part of their PHP development process. This project will help you to map keys to invoke several actions within the game.

You need to develop a game where chess pieces should have fixed directions or cells and move in a fixed direction. Users should be able to take turns playing according to the rules, and the game should display all rules with a few hints if a player is stuck.

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Online Banking System

With the advancement of technology, people are getting more attracted to online banking. Why won’t they? Online banking has made their lives easier by skipping the long lines at the banks and saving time. People can now do banking tasks from the comfort of their beds.

Though every bank has a different approach to banking, most features are standard. So you can develop the online banking system as a part of the PHP project portfolio by connecting the bank to the user before proceeding to other tasks.

Users should be able to log in, withdraw, deposit, transfer money, make direct purchases, and much more. Users should also be able to access their monthly statements, and your system should send them OTPs or verification emails before sending an action.

Phishing Detection

Phishing is the most common approach of scammers to scam people out of money. Often harmful links and fake emails are sent to random people to spread malware or exploit their information. Therefore, phishing detection can help people stay safe by allowing them to check the sender’s information.

It benefits people who are new to the technology world and aren’t alert enough to recognize such emails. The app should ask users before accessing their data safely and allow users to report emails, social media handles, and numbers for phishing with valid proof.

The app should detect the attack and instantly notify users if they are at risk of phishing. You should also train data mining algorithms during the development process to prevent the app from malfunctioning.

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Once you have completed the PHP projects, you will be qualified to work as PHP Developer. We have discussed the project ideas and suggested what projects will entail. Look into each project before implementing your PHP skills. You can also research more projects to expand the learning curve.

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