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Everyone wants to work with this developer.

  1. Strategist
    — solution oriented not code oriented
    — understands that planning is more important than execution

  2. Gives reasons not excuses
    — excuse: “I tried Q, it didn’t work!”
    — reason: “I tried Q, didn’t work because we don’t have X in place. We can either do Y or Z.”

  3. Use tools, not letting tools use them
    — tools are not suppose to be cool, they can be; Some are…but yeah, the shiniest tool might not be for you

  4. Embrace challenges
    — see obstacles as opportunities rather than barriers

  5. Eager to act on new information
    — not to serve a master, just excited to put fresh information to use
    —are the first in line to accept a task when it is presented on a subject they are unfamiliar with.

  6. Who understand there is no one’s code…it’s everyone’s
    — by allowing a piece of code to exists in the codebase (ownership by endorsement)

  7. Professional
    — do what they promised to do

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