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Who uses Containers?

Who’s using Containers and why? The industry’s statistics on trends and usage don’t lie.

According to the 2022 CNCF annual survey, containers have reached mainstream adoption, with 44% of respondents already using them for almost all business segments and applications.

In the survey, 35% of respondents said containers are utilized for at least a few production applications.

Containers Usage ClickIT

But why are containers popular for application development?


No matter what underlying infrastructure or operating system is used, containers offer a consistent environment for running applications.


Applications perform more consistently and dependably when containers are used since they are designed to be isolated from the underlying infrastructure.


Containers are perfect for applications with fluctuating workloads or unpredictable traffic since they can be readily scaled up or down based on demand.


Containers are portable, making it simple to move them from one environment to another, such as from a developer’s laptop to a testing or production environment.

They are compatible with any language a host server supports and offer great performance for larger and more complicated apps.

Overall, containers are a strong technology with numerous advantages for deploying and developing contemporary software.

Serverles or Containers, what's your choice?

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