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How does Terraform fit in your infrastructure?

Imagine a world where your IT team can effortlessly provision and manage your infrastructure using the latest tool.

With Terraform, you can.

This infrastructure automation is one of the pillars of implementing DevOps practices in your project, so choosing the right technologies is crucial.

Terraform is a powerful tool that helps employees work in IT operations, provision, upgrade, and maintain infrastructure.

It has its domain-specific language called Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL). This is a fully JSON-compatible language that helps DevOps professionals to define the #InfrastructureAsCode.

How does Terraform integrate?

For a successful Terraform implementation, it’s important to understand how it fits into your infrastructure. To sum up, Terraform integrates with the standard CI/CD pipeline.

It plays a significant role in the Continuous Deployment part of the pipeline, where it is responsible for provisioning instances on Amazon’s ECS cluster. Terraform also quickly spins up to three parallel Dev, UAT, and Prod environments in this scenario.

Terraform implementation ClickIT

Overall, it’s a great tool for a flexible, automated, and secure infrastructure.

Now, if you had to choose between Terraform and CloudFormation, which one would you go for?

Here is a full comparison, check it out:

Want to incorporate Terraform in your project? Click here to learn more:

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