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The Proficient, Efficient, and Consistent Solution (Skillful, Minimal, & Disciplined Practitioners)

The Proficient Solution

  • Is implemented by the skillful practitioner

  • A solution implemented with high competency

  • A solution implemented with high prove-ability

  • A solution completed care-fully with great ability

  • Is a solution done proficiently

The Efficient Solution

  • Is a solution implemented by the mindful practitioner

  • A solution implemented with minimal waste-full-ness

  • A solution implemented with minimal resources

  • A solution completed simplistically

  • Is a solution done efficiently

The Consistent Solution

  • Is a solution implemented by the disciplined practitioner

  • A solution implemented with small acts - done daily

  • A solution completed today, everyday, daily

  • A solution implemented incrementally

  • Is a solution done consistently

The Proficient

Proficient solutions are contributed by the most skillful practionests who care immensely about quality.

They use their competency and high level of intensity backed by a deep amount of skill earned thru long periods of focused time and deep amounts of great effort.

Proficient practionest are suited well to take on the intensity of hard challenges needing tackled fully and completely with an end goal defining the finish line.

The proficient bring value thru their high quality skillfulness and deep understanding of the small technicalities - they care immensely about the work being done well and done fully.

The Efficient

Efficient solutions are contributed by the mindful practionests who feel the complexity of too much information bearing down on their cognitive load limitations in an intimate way.

This intimate understanding of human limitation and our ability to truly process the information in front of anyone of us tunes the efficient practitioner in a way that befits them as acutely aware and mindful of the technical debt all around them - each and every day.

The efficient bring value thru their "be less, do more" focus. Having a deep understanding of their own limitations, they understand they are not alone and that each and every other team member - although not as aware - is also impeded on daily by the incredulous amounts of information that overwhelm the capacity of any single individuals capability of processing. The immense amounts of information compared to what is perceivable at any single point in time within one's human existence is quit well understood within the sciences of cognitive load and displayed quite well within scientific documentaries where dancing bears are missed entirely by the entirety of a crowd watching the same film as that was not where any single individuals attention was focused.

If you look at a white wall, you can not process all of the information coming into your brain from that white wall. At a single point in time you are in capable of processing anywhere near the majority of all the data in a way where you or me are truly capable of understanding each every intimate detail.

The efficient practitioner understands It takes time and effort to process something as seemingly simple as a white wall and that a human life is limited by both time and the perception itself. The amount of time being something they note to the point of feeling makes simplicity a major focus for the efficient.

By being or doing too much, you're losing out on being more by being less. By being less, you are able to do more - simplicity provides efficiency and that adds value to a team thru cost-effective, resourcefully mindful, and restored investment of time that would have been spent but was never needing to be invested in the first place and thus by doing less was not requiring the allocation of more.

By investing great efforts into simplifying verbosity due to its sheer annoyance - the efficient practitioner reduces extraneous complexity and incites team wide efficiency boosts by improving everyone's ability to focus on the intrinsic cognitive requirements of a challenge and thus efficiently solve the complex challenge by reducing the complexity itself and elevate distraction thru their focus on extraction of any extraneous information weighing down on one's cognitive load.

By simplifying without losing the intrinsic value of information, the intrinsic value is more quickly processed and requires less investment of time, money, and resources. This is the value in which a practitioner with a focus on efficiently adds to a team.

The efficient practitioner intimately feels the weight of the extraneous and moves towards the minimal - reducing the unneeded and increasing the ability to focus on the absolutely needed. A minimalist, a lover of simplicity, a "be less, do more" individual.

The efficient add value by saving, restoring, and mindfully allocating resources efficiently by doing more with less and giving back time to the world.

The Consistent Practitioner

Consistent solutions are contributed by the most disciplined practitioners who care immensely about incremental daily improvements and are suited for challenges that are within the realm of the infinite in terms of time needed for absolute completion.

The disciplined practitioner is a special kind of individual - as most place the finite game, a truly consistent and disciplined craftsman is playing an entirely different game all together.

They are playing the infinite game.

The consistent practitioner becomes a great leader of people, after realizing they will never reach the peak of their mountain because it is not about the peak they become accustomed to the daily act of doing of a thing so much so that it becomes more than just doing a thing. They become the thing in which they are doing and ultimately that act in which was a daily habit at one time eventually melds into their very being and becomes apart of the way in which they view not only the world - but themselves.

That daily behavior built up over years and decades of disciplined consistency melds into the identity in which both the world as well as themselves see themselves thru.

At first a struggle, and then a habit, eventually not thought about as it is second nature, and eventually apart of ones identity. This is the power of the consistently disciplined practitioner. One incrementally small step - day-after-day, slowly moving them towards something more than an end goal.

They're moving towards a difference understanding of being within their human existence as their actions meld into their very identity at which point in time they often times become the most powerful kinds of practitioners on the planet.

The proficient and efficient are focused on the work. Where as the consistent practitioner who may have been so disciplined that they have done the same 5 minute daily act day-in-and-out over the last 3 years without one single day off.

They have slowly improved. Over the course of a day or a month - the improvement is negligable, but time is the ultimate separator and consistency beats intensity in the majority of lives tasks.

It's all but impossible to tell by how much, but this act that they've been doing for 5 minutes every single day for the past decade has accumulated and their growth exponentially improves as their actual effort needing invested becomes apart of the essense of their former lesser selves they once knew themselves as.

20 to 30 years of day-in day-out consistency is what separates the joyful from the depressed, the rich from the wealthy, the well balanced lives from the unbalanced goal chaser.

Entire lives of healthy living and a life cut short from lack of self discipline. Great sometimes is a fleeting aspiration for the consistently disciplined unless they do so with intensity day-in day-out, but often times good is good enough unless greatness is your end goal in which case good would be the enemy of great and require all of the practitioner's skill sets above to be combined in a way that very few are capable of.

Often times, it is better to aim for the consistent and disciplined with a touch of simplistic minimalism and the slowing improving in skill level of proficiency that will over take most thru the years.

The consistent and disciplined practitioner is best suited to become a great leader of people, a loved family member and friend, and an experienced craftsman who has learned day in and day out without ever putting a roof over their head as the goal because reaching the peak is not their target and a house is a finite space signifying a finite game which the consistent and disciplined are far less interested in compared to that of the infinite game of ever improving day-in and day-out progress each small incremental step at a time.

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