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Space Exploration (What's all the outrage about?)

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What's all the outrage about?

I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media bashing Elon Musk, Richard Branson, & Jeff Bezos for their space exploration investments. Outrage that they're into space while humans on earth deal with economic stress & global lock downs.

Here's my take...

1. Who else is going to do it?

Space is expensive. Until now, space innovation was a pursuit limited to world governments. Now private businesses joined in. It's now an industry leading to my 2nd point...

2. Space is economically HUGE (in a good way!)

Getting to space is expensive. Many people & industries are needed.

Space companies have created top paying Jobs in Manufacturing, logistics, engineering, etc…

In a decade, or sooner, they’ll be creating even more jobs for front-end facing industries like marketing, sales, and service workers (flight attendants).

That’s a huge economic impact for a “bunch of old rich dudes playing with their space toys”.

3. Innovative Technologies (Are Emerging already)

Elon musk has spoken on how space X 🚀 innovations have improved Tesla's electric cars. This mitigates climate change.

Space internet is now a thing. Thanks to StarLink (Space X) and Project Kuiper (Blue Origin) it is ALREADY a thing for a limited number of people.

I know, I know - cool, but why? Why space internet?

Well, check this fact out:

Crazy, right? Especially for those of us who consider internet an alienable right at this point.

Space internet provided by Space X's StarLink and Blue Origin's Project Kuiper will provide the ENTIRE world with internet.

This would have been too expensive before these space companies figured out how to re-use space ships.

4. It's not (just) a "pissing contest" between billionaires

Jeff Bezos: Loves space (and always has)

  • Jeff Bezos was his high's school Valid Victorian
  • His speech was all about space, he loves space & always has

Richard Branson: Ultimate Adventurer

  • Jumped off a Casino in Las Vegas
  • Driven a A Tank DOWN NY's 5th Ave
  • Kite-Surfed Across The English Channel
  • Driven an amphibious car from England To France
  • Smashed The World Record For Fastest Atlantic Crossing
  • Crossed The Pacific From Japan To Arctic Canada In A Hot Air

Richard Branson is adventurous (to say the least) - space is the ultimate adventure.

Elon Musk: Prevent human extinction

  • Tesla extends earths life by minimizing climate change
  • Space X creates a future for human's after earth.

5. We'll be able TO GO TO SPACE!

My final point is simple, space - it's somewhere we'll be able to go within the span of many of our lives.

I don't know about you, but I'm EXCITED to go to space!

  1. The End Space will improve the economy, innovate technologies, provide internet for the entire world, & provide the adventure opportunity of a life time!

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Adarsh TS

Until now I never saw the bright side of the recent developments in space industry. I really thought that this was yet another stunt by the billionaires. Your article gave me a new perspective. Thanks for sharing 😄.

cleancodestudio profile image
Clean Code Studio

Glad to hear it! It's some exciting stuff!