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How to become a software Engineer Step-by-step (With or Without a Degree)

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0:00 - Introduction Into How To Become A Software Engineer
0:26 - When we talk Resumes, we ain't talking traditional Resumes
1:00 - Four Step Process Overview To Become A Software Engineer
2:10 - #1A: Choose Niche (With GREAT Educational resources)
3:56 - #1B: My Niche (The reason I chose Laravel)
7:42 - #2: Get Interview (LinkedIn & Recruiters)
24:20 - #3: Nail Interview (Git: Why, When & A Quick Example)
33:10 - #4: Add "Real World" Experience (Via Freelancing)
42:57 - Final Thoughts

1A. Pick a niche (Then specify a specific technology in your niche)

  • Picking a niche matters, the reasons that it matters
  • Cardiologists don't do brain surgery. Web developers don't do network security.
  • Have a niche? Great, choose a specific technology within that niche. (Hint: Quality Educational Resources)

1B. I chose Laravel (I 3 Laracasts)

  • What makes Laracasts the BEST educational resource on the internet for web developers?
  • What makes Laravel such a solid technology to work with inside the web development niche?
  • Laracasts -- why promote a platform that teaches what we cover with zero gain for Clean Code Studio? (Hint: Laracasts is that amazing ~ that's the only reason.)

2. Getting an interview (Via LinkedIn)

  • LinkedIn's the gateway to job interviews? Why?
  • What are "recruiters" and why should you care?
  • Check out my conversation as a recruiter "hunts" me down for a gig.
  • Did you know that you can juice up your LinkedIn with a few really simple SEO tricks? Here's how.

3. Got the interview? Sweet! Time to show off your value (Via Github)

  • What makes github important?
  • When should you start using github?
  • How can you learn to use github (Hint: Laracasts).
  • What types of products can you use github on (Hint: All of them except projects with NDA).

4. Real world experience. How to get it before you've got it (Via Freelancing & Specifically Upwork)

  • Free lancing, where to get started.
  • My personal experience with free lancing.
  • What to expect from free lancing (Hint: It's not money).
  • How do you get your first freelance gig (With Zero Real World Experience)?
  • What reasons, other than most likely below minimum wage money, makes free lancing worth it?

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