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"Our emotions don't necessarily demand action - facts do."


One of the questions I've had to learn to ask myself through time is whether to GRIT IT or QUIT IT.

In other words, I'm still learning how to understand myself and any given situation well enough to decide whether to stick with it or - based on the logic of the situation - quit it.

I've never had a problem with working hard, I'd go as far as to say that hard work and being in an intense grind, that grind where s*** just sucks, is easily my happy place. It's been my happy place - for a long time, as long as I can remember at least.

Growing up, grit and willingness to do were values I began to believe made me who I am. I willingly started to take the hard route in sports, nutrition, and everywhere else in life that felt like I could do something that sucks now but would ultimately pay off in the end. I love the long run (as long as its not decades we're talking about). I enjoy putting in the work that will return the most value, even when that work hurts. It's a challenge to see how far I can push my limits. I've been like this as long as I can remember.

Knowing when to quit on the other hand, that has never come naturally to me.

Stubborn, never content, and incredibly inspired - these are characteristics that my family and closest friends would describe me as. They would also describe me as linear, one minded, and hard headed. They tell you that I don't know when to quit, even when that's the logically intelligent decision to make to achieve the goal I'm working so hard and doing so much for in the first place.

They'd tell you that once I have my mind locked in on something then that's it - game over. Good luck if you needed me, because I'm busy. It's one of my least and most favorite characteristics about myself. Once I'm locked in, that's the direction I'm headed.

This mindset, this way of looking at the world has benefited me tremendously throughout my professional life. Much of my success so early on and without a college degree is due to this mind set and my natural way of being. Externally looking in, if you don't know me that well, many just think wow he's that dude -- but the truth is they don't see the negative draw backs that come with this kind of grit. Hell, I've historically been slow to catch these negative draw backs until its too late.

I wouldn't be where I'm at without the grit and that comes natural to me.

As I get older, I'm noticing more and more often that my challenge isn't "sticking it out" or "putting in the work" but instead coming into myself - taking a breadth - and considering the facts. If the facts say its not working, then I need to walk away - and I struggle to walk away. Making the logical decision is hard for me because it means I have to say I quit, I'm not going to make this happen like I 100% believed I would.

Quit, even as a word, grinds my gears to no end - but, when I put my personal emotional attachment to the word aside and look at the facts, not quitting whatever it is that I'm full-heartedly invested into is what has caused me the most set backs in my adult and professional life. Due to this hold up and some non-logical expectation I set on myself to be that dude who puts in the time and out works everyone including himself as he was yesterday, I really struggle with walking away. It has undoubtedly hurt me and I've been working on learning how to truly look at myself and the situation honestly so that I know when the appropriate time is to save me future set backs.

Grit It vs. Quit It - ignore your emotions, and look at the facts - no matter the side you naturally lean towards. If you're full-heartedly invested in making something happen, then don't ask how you feel emotionally.

Look at the cold hard facts. Then, with the facts in hand and your own emotions understood well enough to not fall prey to yourself, ask yourself whether you should keep going or move on.

Once you understand your own emotions, which way you naturally lean, and the actual facts defining the context of your individual situation - that's when you need to ask yourself honestly:

Are you going to GRIT IT or QUIT IT?

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