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Can json rpc and grpc work together?

Yes, it is possible for JSON-RPC and gRPC to work together. JSON-RPC and gRPC are both remote procedure call (RPC) protocols that allow a client to call methods on a server over a network. However, they use different encoding schemes and communication styles.

One way to use JSON-RPC and gRPC together is to have a JSON-RPC server act as a client to a gRPC server, or vice versa. For example, you could have a JSON-RPC server that forwards requests to a gRPC server, or a gRPC server that calls methods on a JSON-RPC server.

Another way to use JSON-RPC and gRPC together is to use a bridge or gateway that translates between the two protocols. This allows clients and servers that use different protocols to communicate with each other.

It is also possible to use JSON-RPC and gRPC together by implementing both protocols in the same server or client. This allows the server or client to support both protocols, and allows clients using either protocol to access the server's methods.

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