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Thibault Milan
Thibault Milan

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KPMG Luxembourg is hiring frontend & backend developer

Who where are

KPMG Luxembourg is an Audit & Tax (& consulting) Big4. We are more than 1700 people based in Luxembourg, mostly doing other things than IT but people understood that highlighting batch of 5000 pages of papers has no tomorrow and they need to take the IT transformation seriously. And yes, they should have been done that years ago. But better now than never right?

My department is Tech, Data & Analytics and we're developing web & mobile application so support either our own need either clients ones. We also educate the other members of the firm to change their mind and sell SaaS and not just tailor made development.

What we are looking for

For both profiles (or mixed one) a knowledge of Agile Development and 2 years of XP at least is a must. If you could show some past project or at least talk about it, it will be a plus indeed. We assume that you already have knowledge about basic HTML & Semantic (like in Semantic HTML, even if, yes, we use Semantic UI 😁), GIT, and Project tracking tools (we use Phabricator & Gitlab).


Developer with experience in reactJS development, sensibility for UX.


Developer with experience in Play Scala, web service oriented architecture, cloud architecture oriented development.

What we offer

13 month income
+ 💶 bonus (50% on performance of company - 50% on your performance)
+ 🚌🚃🚈unlimited public transportation for 60€ / years
+ 🏋🏻”♂️conciergerie & access to gym (free)
+ 🧓🏼pension, insurance & 🏦banking advantage
+ 🚗very competitive leasing car catalog
+ 👩🏼”🏫budget for training & conferences

How to apply

You can apply online on our job website or just write to me with your resume and I'll be sure we review it with our team and follow with HR (the other way around may take times sometimes 🤨)

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Thibault Milan

English is the working language for all. But you can have a German or French-speaking team and you can talk in those languages with them. But all written communication must be made in English. Level of language is very different in the company. Essential is to be understood.

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Plur Son

Hi Thibault, is this a EU only posting?

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Thibault Milan

The position is in Luxembourg (country) and it's waaaaay better if you already have a work permit for the position. But, KPMG is offering VISA sponsorship case by case and handle most of the paperwork ;)