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My new AI app: - create a personalized children's book

Hi! πŸ˜„
Recently, together with Wojciech Jaszczak we took part in the AssemblyAI hackathon, which involved creating an AI-powered app in two days. πŸš€ Although we didn't manage to win but we believed our initial MVP was good enough to take it a bit further.😊

Today I present you ✨ - A generative AI children's book creator. You can describe your characters and give a title and however long/detailed description you want, the gpt-3 will generate a children's story from it, dall-e will generate images. Images are postprocessed with stable-diffusion custom model (for stylisation) and that's the final result. πŸ“–

Example of generated books:

astronaut the first page

book about an little astronaut

Watch the video on how to easily and quickly create a personalized book:

Our inspiration for creating children's books is the imagination and creativity of children. The best authors of children's books are children themselves, who are able to come up with incredible stories and visions. Books are incredibly important for a child's development, helping to develop imagination and creativity and teaching reading and proper pronunciation. We are proud to create personalized children's books that will be a wonderful adventure for them and help them in their development.

What it does
With our app and the use of artificial intelligence, you can create your own personalized children's book. This book is personalized in terms of content, characters, and illustrations.

  • Unique
    Stories we create are unique and we make sure that they are different from the rest. The stories we create are never copied from anywhere. What we show is one of a kind.

  • Personalized
    They are not just stories but they are the stories that you want to hear. The characters are the ones that you want to see. And adventures they have are the onse you want to experience.

  • Illustrated
    Stories we create are illustrated. The characters and the adventures are illustrated. We make sure that the stories are not just words but that they are also visually appealing.

  • Accessible
    The created stories and illustrations are accessible. We added a feature of text to speech so that the stories can be listened to as well. With a voice over, the stories are more fun.

example of book

How we built it
We created the web application with Next.js, tRPC, prisma, postgreSQL, redis, tailwind. The AI part is handled by OpenAI API (GPT3, DALL-E) and stable diffusion.

Challenges we ran into
The biggest challenge is to achieve consistent, similar style illustrations where the characters are repeatable. And also depicting in the illustration exactly what the text contains is one of the harder tasks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of
We are proud that we were able to create a product in two days that can make many children happy. They will be able to create a book with their own adventures or with stories they have invented themselves, with the help of their parents. Additionally, we created the option to listen to the book and descriptions of the illustrations to make the book accessible to blind people. It is a wonderful initiative. 😊

What we learned
We have learned that artificial intelligence is very important and offers many possibilities. Thanks to it, we can create increasingly advanced programs that will help us in our daily lives. Artificial intelligence will be used in many fields such as education, medicine, transportation, and services. With the help of AI, we will be able to solve increasingly complex problems and better understand the world. We are constantly developing our technologies to make the best use of the potential of artificial intelligence.

What's next for Children's Book illustrator

  • improve the consistency of the illustrations and characters,
  • add different lectors (e.g. characters from fairy tales) that read a book, so that children can choose who will read the book to them,
  • create a slideshow video for each generated book,
  • add the feature of sharing the generated book on social media

example of book2

The payment model
For now, the payment model is pay what you want. The first book is for free. So feel free 😊 to test it out.🦾

Hopefully, you will like it. Feel free to comment any feedback will be appreciated 😊 ❀️

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Abdeldjabar Ahmeidi

How can I contact you?

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Wow! This project looks so cool, @klaudiaj!🀩I really loved the concept and the usage you have given to AI!πŸ™ŒπŸ‘

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Klaudia Jaszczak

Thank you @bcostaaa01! 😊 I'm glad you like it.

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Vincent A. Cicirello

Cool concept. I bet teachers would like this.

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Klaudia Jaszczak

Thank you☺️