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Giving power back to the Client!

While working on web application (especially those whose content is dynamic), we will often want to add or change some content on the website, so in our best interest is to ensure that those changes would not mean any additional developer work. To achieve that, we can use CMS system, my favorite one so far is Strapi CMS.

The client usually does not want to be dependent on a software developer. He would like to independently control the content of his application, for example in a blog, add new posts, change pictures, etc. In turn, the developer does not want to correct typos in the client's text or change the picture on the post again.

By determining together with the client, the developer or client can define all the fields in the strapi that are needed by the client to manage the content. For example, when building a post section - they can define fields: title, description, picture /video, etc. after which content of those fields can be fully managed by client.

Independence will bring benefits to each of the parties (developer and client) and this is how it should work.

Below short video of strapi CMS, where the client manages the content himself and the view how it is then displayed on the website.

strapi example

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