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Discussion on: Sell Me On Typescript

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Charlie J Smotherman

And yet there are thousands of Enterprise grade websites out in the wild that don't use typescript. Use if you want to, don't use it, I really don't care, I personally have no use for it (as of now, that may change). Not enough benefit for the cost, I have bigger fish to fry like Rust and Flutter, which I think are a much better investment of my time, but that's me(others may disagree and that's fine). In the end it's nothing more than a personal choice.

Happy Coding

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Nathan Hedglin

Just because thousands of companies do it doesn't mean it is correct. Nor that they wouldn't benefit from static typing. Thousands of companies still hire terrible offshore developers that use JQuery too 😂.

I'm talking about static typing not just Typescript. There are times where it matters and times it doesn't.

I'm not saying it is always needed but most developers suck so I think it often has value.

Rust and Flutter are both statically typed. So you do appreciate static typing 😊.

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James 'Dante' Midzi Author

This I understand, I had specifc questions in reagrds to Typescript is all