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Enable Okta SSO and MFA for Oracle JD Edwards (JDE)

This demo shows Datawiza enabling Okta SSO and MFA for Oracle JD Edwards (JDE). Datawiza works as a reverse proxy to enable SSO and MFA for Oracle JDE by using header-based authentication. Learn more:

The solution works with any identity provider and MFA (2FA) service, like Microsoft 365 (O365; Azure AD), Cisco Duo, Okta, AWS, Google, Auth0, Ping, ForgeRock, OneLogin, ADFS.

Datawiza secures any web apps including:

  • Business apps, like Oracle JD Edwards (JDE), PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite (EBS), Siebel, SAP and more.
  • Homegrown apps written in any language, like JAVA, PHP, .Net, Python, Go and more.
  • Critical tools like Wordpress, Kibana, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Grafana, SuperSet, AirFlow and more.

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