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Shivan Moodley
Shivan Moodley

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What is your prototyping stack?

If I ever need to put together a PoC or test out an idea I generally tend toward using React (for anything visual), Go + Gorilla (api/web server stuff) and Heroku for hosting. (Although now I've started leaning toward DigitalOcean even though it takes slightly longer on the config side)

What's your preferred 'playground' tech stack?

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Lúcás Meier

I generally end up prototyping in whatever stack I've done the most work in recently. For me this ends up being Typescript (React + Express), since I find SPAs easier to work with for a lot of the stuff I want to do. If I only need static HTML, I'll reach towards Go instead, but I've been meaning to learn Next.JS soon...

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Valentin Prugnaud 🦊

Nuxt + Firebase 🚀