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2011, I had just stopped staying with mom and dad, 14 years of age, and needed something to fill the void I constantly felt from loneliness which I didn't understand it to be, manifested in pains... Coding came and took the pain away(poetry {being open with it} joined in soon enough). Encountered wapka.mobi, can't say how I first realized it, but when I saw the possibility of being capable of bringing websites to life, I was hooked lines and codes.

I started copying and posting XHTML codes from local/international forums to set up websites on wapka, modifying them and feeling like a don, sometime in 2012/2013, I stumbled upon Uloki Script, a forum script that's written in php by a then Indian schoolboy, I really tore that script to bits and studied it extensively, worked with it for about 3years, this led to my loyalty to hypertext preprocessor, taught me CSS better and introduced me to SQL...

Code and poetry have long since been my babes. Child and lover.

One of the reasons why I am a sucker for WordPress.


It's good that you're so open about your mental health!


Thank you. It helps in getting over rough times and staying stronger.

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