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Project a week challenge

cijin profile image Cijin Cherian ・1 min read

The inspiration was another dev post, which I did not read completely. It was a post about a blog a day for 100 days.

I feel I have been wasting a lot of time the last few weeks on YouTube. Averaging at least two hours a day. Which I'm quite ashamed to admit. So if I decide to quit YouTube, I'll have to fill up my time with something else. There have been quite a lot of projects I have started but never finished.

So this is the plan, it's really simple. Every week tackle one project a week that I've wanted to do for the next 12 months. If a project is more ambitious, divide it into a cluster of mini projects that can be completed in a week. I think accountability is going to be key. So everyday, I'll will write a tiny post here on the status of the project, challenges faced etc.

I've conveniently decided this on a Sunday so I start tomorrow. I already have a project in mind :)


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