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How to use slots in react elegantly

We all know, we can use props to implement component slots. This is a good way, but the props of the components will become more and more.
Also, you can filter the children by element's type, but it isn't a good idea.
And, you can use HOC to wrap the Component, and use Proxy to reduce the children. you can use the subComponent, like:

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And then, your Component's props will get:

slot: {
   SubComponentA: {children, props}
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This is a good idea. But There is a better way.
We focus on children, children will be a array, or string, or a ReactElement, or undefined.
The ReactElement has type, you can check the child with the type's name.
You will use your Component like this:

    <Slot name="SubComponentA">a</Slot>
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<Slot /> is a component that it render null. And it has a generator function, like this:

import {ReactElement} from 'react'
import {SlotProps} from './slot.interface';

function Slot(_: SlotProps): ReactElement {
  return null as unknown as ReactElement;

Slot.getSlot = function* getCollectionNode(props: SlotProps): any {
  yield props.children;

let _Slot = Slot as (props: SlotProps) => JSX.Element;
export default _Slot;
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And then, In your component's code, you can use a hook to reduce the children. The hook like this:

import React from 'react';

export function useSlot(children: any) {
  const result: Record<string, any> = {
    children: []
  };, (child: React.ReactElement<any, React.JSXElementConstructor<any>>) => {
      const type = child.type as any;
      const props = child.props;
      if( === 'Slot') {
        const slot = type.getSlot(child.props);
        result[] =;
      } else {
    } else {
  return result;
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the result of the useSlot(children), will be :

   SubComponentA: 'a',
   children: ['b']
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That is my way to use slot in React. Do you have another way? Please tell me.

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