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Discussion on: TypeScript: JavaScript + Types = Awesome Developer Productivity

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Charlie Jonas

I see this exact same comment on pretty much every article written about typescript. It outs you as someone who doesn't fully understand what typescript is or how it works (or at the very least hasn't had a chance to work with it for a long period of time).

This statement is almost like saying, "RUST seems like mollycoddling for developers who are unwilling to work / are incapable of working with C". Nope, RUST is simply just a better, safer alternative for system level programming.

Typescript is simply just an better alternative to javascript for web and node applications ( "applications" is the keyword here). Should you take time to migrate your small local business websites to typescript. Probably not.


1: The tooling complexity is a 1 time cost. A lot of times you already have bundling or babel setup and it's as simple as adding 1 additional step.
2: You can still write the EXACT same javascript that you were writing before, but now with the options to have types. The transpired code will be pretty much the exact same as what you would have had without types.

3: The dev productivity and code resiliency gains that you get from having a fully typed code base are immeasurable.
4: The additional code features that it does add, are added with the sole intention of fixing things that javascript has messed up. The typescript team has expressed that it is a priority to keep typescript as close to js as possible.

I've yet to find someone who has really made the transition and regrets it (I'm sure they are out there but they must be a minority). In fact, once you pick-up typescript you will DREAD the thought of working without it.

There's a reason it's growing so fast. My most sincere advise would be to not be one of those guys who resists change and gets left behind because they are simply stuck in their old ways!