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Embarking on creating a personal website

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Hi there guys! I'm a front end developer (with knowledge of Angular, Angular.js, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Sass, A11y) planning to create a personal website, I have investigated the posts here and they all seem great, what I'm wondering about is the following.

Which is the correct way to approach this?

  1. Create it with pure HTML, CSS and Javascript Vanilla to display my design abilities (jQuery could be usable here too)

  2. Use Angular to display a nice SPA, but without the source code (I could show it if I render Angular on the server-side, but honestly, I never tried that before)

  3. Like the previous one, but using Bootstrap classes for the alignment and Material for the components.

And for the last part, it should be a static front end website or should I also do a backend for it? For example the contact page, I have some knowledge on Python so I could create an API for this.

Thanks for reading and your help folks! Cheers!

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Erik Anderson

I don't have answers for you, but I have questions that might help clarify your thinking.
Who is your target audience for this? Someone who will look at the site just as it is, or someone who will dig into how it was built?

For example, consider a small (non-tech) business person who wants a website built, and the owner of web development agency who is looking to hire a developer. Is one of these your target audience?

Also, I personally like python, so I think you should do that, but that isn't based on anything other than what language I happen to like.

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Aleksej Petricig

First of all, creating a personal website, from "scratch", is not easy.
You should be like a Full Stack Developer, and have a big backpack of knowledge from the world of web development (front-end, back-end), like I see you already have some of them.

But anyway...

  1. Make a list of main questions to answer, like: why are you doing this website? Who's gonna be your audience?
  2. Write your requirements
  3. Do a Time and Costs analysis
  4. Learn the programming languages, the technology, tool, framework that you need for your project
  5. Keep going

Good luck man!

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Maksum Rifai

You can use template, github pages ( or netlify like mine :