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Innovating in the Open: Building a Product with Shepherd.js

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Web development isn’t just about slinging code – it’s about creating experiences that don’t make users want to pull their hair out. Enter Shepherd.js, our guiding light in this adventure, and our choice for steering users through journeys in our apps without getting them lost and helping to drive value every time they interact. What makes this development story unique is our approach: building in public with open source.

Why Shepherd.js?

It’s like having a GPS for your app - but without the annoying “recalculating” voice. Shepherd.js is lightweight, flexible, and doesn’t hog the spotlight, ensuring our app remains the star of the show. With this library our product isn’t just functional; it becomes more accessible and user-friendly.

Building in Public

We’re embracing the “building in public” approach. It’s like cooking with the kitchen door open – everyone sees the mess, but they also see the masterpiece in the making. This transparency invites valuable feedback and keeps us honest (and a little bit on edge).

Open Source: A Collaborative Effort

Open source is at the core of our development strategy. By making our code available to the community, we’re not just sharing our work; we’re inviting collaboration. This collective wisdom not only enhances our product but also enriches the wider open-source ecosystem. Let’s be honest, we don’t always have the best or right answers for what our customers will need and we’re happy to let them help drive us in the right direction.

Shepherd Pro: The Journey Leading Superstar

We've worked to create and iterate over this library over a number of years, and now we are taking the next step to unlock the potential capabilities of advanced user journeys with Pro. Shepherd Pro is like Shepherd.js on a caffeine boost. This enhanced offering is designed to unlock a plethora of capabilities and craft more full-featured user journeys.

  • Customizable Tour Templates: Like fashion templates, but for software. Dress your app in the best style that feels seemless to what your visitors are used to seeing.
  • Analytics Integration: Understanding user engagement is crucial. Shepherd Pro integrates analytics to provide insights into the effectiveness of the journeys, helping us make data-driven decisions.
  • Multi-Language Support: Parlez-vous tour? ¡Claro que sí!
  • User Behavior Tracking: By tracking how users interact with the tours, we gain invaluable insights. This helps us continuously optimize the user experience, making it more intuitive and effective.
  • Integration Capabilities: Plays well with others. No sandbox squabbles here.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Because we actually want to know what you think.
  • Advanced Branching Logic: It's like choose-your-own-adventure, but for user journeys.

Flexible Hosting Options: Your Place or Ours

With Shepherd Pro, we’re not just handing you the keys to a sleek car; we’re giving you the choice of where to park it. Whether you’re more comfortable with us hosting, or hosting the application on your own premises or in your cloud account, Shepherd Pro adapts to your environment. Whether you’re guiding users through a complex application or a simple interface, the choice of hosting is yours. Host Shepherd Pro on your premises or in your cloud account to seamlessly integrate these journeys into your environment. It’s like choosing the perfect setting for a story – whether it’s in your own home or a cloud in the sky, we ensure the user journey remains uninterrupted and secure. This flexibility ensures that your data sovereignty and security preferences are always top priority.


Join us on this quirky, code-filled journey. Whether you're a developer, a tech aficionado, or just someone who appreciates a great user experience, your insights and involvement are what make this a thrilling adventure.

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