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My definition of "PROGRAMMING" goes thus; Programming is not all about coding but writing in a language that is understood by computers to solve problems.

Programming as a state of mind is been brought out from my definition;

Writing a language being a developer, is same as speaking that same language but to a non-living thing, which is the computer.

Interaction comes due to what has been programmed into the computer that makes it understand the language so well that it strictly corrects you when wrong, that you would have never be aware of if not of it correction .

The computer is a personality that has no feeling: ) as far as programming is concerned, because the computer has been made one with the languages by tons of programs ran into it which makes it an entity.
If two people with different language needs to interact, you know how *easy (hard) it would, for more on languages you can check this blog of mine outHOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS AS A DEVELOPER

We as human beings (devs) are full of feelings and emotions and we need to interact with a personality that has no feeling, this has made the platform imbalance for a standard interaction, but still interaction must take place for something to be achieved.
So, am going to be establishing programming as a state of mind in our interactions with the computer or the language in two different ways;

  • WHILE CODING; As a developer you code to solve problems and coding deals with thinking, solving problems also deals with thinking and thinking has a great connection with our mind and brain. So, i can conclude that coding is a kind of psychology in a way. As human beings we are been controlled by our emotion at times, have you ever tried coding while angry or sad? If no, try it and you will understand better. Coding as an interaction is pouring out our emotions to what can't feel an iota of what is flowing.

So, it is advisable to be our real self before coding, because this is a great determinant of how effective and efficient we would be.
While coding your brain is at work and the brain has a lot to do with our mind, these two components has a lot to do in our productivity has a developer and if you want to learn more on productivity, check this blog out Time management as a developer for maximum productivity. .
You will surely do things(code) the way you at a particular period of time, that's the way humans are.

  • WHILE DEBUGGING; No matter how good you are or the years spent using a language, we[humans(devs)] are prone to making mistakes, so while writing codes, expect bugs to be highly present and we are to fix it to solve problems and bring things back to its pace or what we initially planned of.

This also has a lot to do with our emotions and do not forget we are interacting with a a system that has no feelings and is ready to strictly correct you (>>>traceback), at this point frustration and anger can pull out after many efforts and nothing is coming forth and we all know computers, if it were to be human being, one can still be considered but in this, no way (you've got to do this).
There are times you feel i have gotten this but later to find out a bug is dining in there, at this point you can be talking to yourself that this is correct and even be angry towards the code or the computer, at this point programming is acting as a state of mind.

So, programming plays with our emotions and feelings, proving it to be in an aspect of being psychological in nature. To avoid this;

Learn to check your self to be in a good state of mind before coding,

  • Learn to find joy and motivation in yourself,

  • Learn to take a walk or rest when fighting an adamant bug in a code,

  • Come into the consciousness that you a better and smarter than anything,

  • Learn to be patient in what ever you do,

  • Be consistent with coding, so as to create and build an outstanding atmosphere,

  • Have "I CAN DO IT" spirit (never give up),

  • Reach out to people, stackoverflow, google etc. if necessary and

Having the mindset that the computer only knows that language and it needs you to command him to work for you but you need to pass the message across in what it understands only.
So at this point, framing the computer to be at your mercy, begging you to look for the language it understands to function well at your this nice?

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Your comments and feedbacks are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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Excelente aporte

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Adam Mnemonic

I must admit that I like this point of view. Especially that it implies that programming language is secondary thing to act of programming itself.

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Thanks Mnemonic!

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Thanks 🙏